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Sianeka Mar 3, 2014

Head explodingly annoying formulas to memorize does NOT sound like my idea of fun. Good luck with that. *hands Thrawn aspirin bottle to help him feel better*

Sianeka Mar 2, 2014

Midterms seem to be going ok, so that is a good thing. We prolly distracted you from studies at least a few times, but I'm glad to have your presence on the site (even if it is a bit to your detriment).

Sianeka Feb 28, 2014

Hope your midterms are going well for you. I only want the best for you, so I truly hope things are going your way! Good luck.

sothis Feb 20, 2014

good news:

deideiblueeyez Feb 10, 2014

(In response to your Diabolik comment) Yes I did! She acts very bemused when I talk to her about it because she can't believe it's that bad. I can't believe it's that bad. It's just...God. I have actually never seen an anime that I thought was horrible based on its quality and not "eh, I just hate the storyline or the genre". This is a first and God was it a horrible, regrettable first. I finished it, just so you know. Dat ending, WTF?! LOL