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Sianeka says...

Hope your midterms are going well for you. I only want the best for you, so I truly hope things are going your way! Good luck.

Feb 28, 2014
sothis says...

good news:

Feb 20, 2014
deideiblueeyez says...

(In response to your Diabolik comment) Yes I did! She acts very bemused when I talk to her about it because she can't believe it's that bad. I can't believe it's that bad. It's just...God. I have actually never seen an anime that I thought was horrible based on its quality and not "eh, I just hate the storyline or the genre". This is a first and God was it a horrible, regrettable first. I finished it, just so you know. Dat ending, WTF?! LOL

Feb 10, 2014
Sianeka says...

You ALWAYS Rock!  Anyway, just realized that both of our birthdays fall on the 4th (Yours is a winter 4th and mine's a summer 4th in July)  Have an awesome birthday!!!!! - Sianeka

Dec 4, 2013
sothis says...

I need to write a synop here on AP, just there's a big time skip and I'm waiting to see if there's a skip 3 involved (I'm about halfway through the available chapters)

I've seen people comparing it to gantz, but it's really nothing like that. However, it does remind me of gantz in the sense of these really fucking scary monsters (the cockroaches are terrifying imo), it's also quite explicit... but no distracting/pointless explicit sex, so that's an improvement.

THe time skip and 'oh shit, we thought we were helping humanity and we fucked ourselves' reminds me a LOT of Bio Meat, which imo is the best possible rec for this (i'm waiting to add recs till i add the synop)

Nov 21, 2013