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UbiquitousConundrum Feb 7, 2015

I couldn't agree more dude. The "bitch-chan" puns felt like liquid uranium was being added to that fire. Well, at least it's profane, not propane!

Shivichan Feb 5, 2015

I gave a little fangirlish gasp when I saw your reply, felt like I got a reply from my favourite Novelist! :3

Yeah, the thing I love the most about your reviews is obviously the excellent choice of words.Choice of words is what makes or breaks it, and I personally really adore your writing style! xD 

If you don't mind talking to an annoying and irritating(self- deprecating)  little girl , I'd love to talk to you! >w< 

As I see you're a Popee enthusiast ( xD) is the real thing not available on youtube? Whatever I saw was not that bad. But when I saw an AMV, my god, gore and more gore everywhere. Creepiness galore. 

UbiquitousConundrum Feb 2, 2015

Hello! UbiquitousConundrum here! Just wanted to say that your reviews are freakin' awesome. Especially the one about Diabolik Lovers! Thanks again for following me!

Shivichan Jan 25, 2015

LOVE all your reviews. 

I fangirl you. >w< 

Sianeka Dec 9, 2014

Dang nab it! DANG DANG DANG!!!  I -know- your birthday is on the 4th of the month. I -know- your birthday is December 4.  How the heck did I miss it?????? I'm so mad at myself!

Happy belated birthday.  Since my thoughts sending you joy are late, I'm sending you 10x the joy to make up for it.

Hope your birthday was a good one. Have ANOTHER special day, as well, on me! *grin*