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thor123 May 28, 2015

I can only think that they got their funding by selling cp, but maybe that's just my imagination

UbiquitousConundrum Apr 26, 2015

HA-HA! With that in mind, I might as well create a sister username to acknowledge such superpowers: regardless of personal feelings: OptimisticOppai! If Me!Me!Me! isn't on the watchlist there, Fox News might as well broadcast Sekirei. Hooray for free expression!

UbiquitousConundrum Apr 9, 2015

Hello Thrawn! UbiquitousConundrum here! Dude, I'm sory I didn't respond in so long; I'm kind of an awkward guy online, which is part of what forms the conundrum. Keep posting those reviews man, 'cause the more that come, the more we can forget about Diabolik Lovers and Funny Pets! Speaking of Diabolik Lovers... I don't know how I did it, and I don't know why, but I managed to remove it from my Dropped list and sit through all the bitch-chan's. AHHH! THE KNEE SUCKING! Yes, it was bad, but I now feel relieved that it's not in the back of my mind anymore. As of now, that show has moved from BOO to BAH, but was at least more bearable than Seikon no Qwaser (I can't forgive that kind of sucking). 

Shivichan Feb 11, 2015

Hello Sir. (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Ah, I am a chronic late replier myself xD Sometimes I don't reply even when I log in because maybe I am too lazy to reply ~Fearing I may come across as egoistic, I reply within a maximum time range of 7 days .:3 

Papi scares the shit out of me.I mean, he's CREEPY.Surely nightmare material. I'd love recommendations for another nightmarish anime like Popee (Not Funny pets; been there, watched that.) 

Enjoy this creepy kaomoji till then. (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ)♥

UbiquitousConundrum Feb 7, 2015

Oh wait, that fire was coming from... Forgive me for my rashness. Enjoy your evening!