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x9zachattack5x says...

Awesome followed you back. I can get a lot of suggestions from your page so thanks. :)

Oct 5, 2015
x9zachattack5x says...

Love your anime collection! Follow 4 A Follow? :)

Oct 1, 2015
UbiquitousConundrum says...

🏃🏻.....                💃🏻

Aug 21, 2015
thor123 says...

I can only think that they got their funding by selling cp, but maybe that's just my imagination

May 28, 2015
UbiquitousConundrum says...

HA-HA! With that in mind, I might as well create a sister username to acknowledge such superpowers: regardless of personal feelings: OptimisticOppai! If Me!Me!Me! isn't on the watchlist there, Fox News might as well broadcast Sekirei. Hooray for free expression!

Apr 26, 2015