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bobjoekaren Oct 25, 2015

Oh dear lawd now I remember where you're from. Your profile picture seemed familiar hahaha.

Keep it up mane, I'd love to read more of your reviews. 

What more nonsense did Brad make you watch?

bobjoekaren Oct 25, 2015

Dang I'm sorry x]

I forget what you recommended that I watched. What was the title?

Hope you've been well!

x9zachattack5x Oct 5, 2015

Awesome followed you back. I can get a lot of suggestions from your page so thanks. :)

x9zachattack5x Oct 1, 2015

Love your anime collection! Follow 4 A Follow? :)

UbiquitousConundrum Aug 21, 2015

🏃🏻.....                💃🏻