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KiraRin says...

I'm still trying to be good with the diet, but I met up with AngloKitty tonight and we had thai food which probably isn't the healthiest thing in the world. Plus, we have friends coming round for dinner tomorrow night, so I have to prep a calorific 3 course dinner... But be assured, I hate you skinny boy :P

There is no such thing as a perfect top 5 - it's always moving and evolving. I've given up even trying to keep an ordered top 10, and would quite happily name 100 shows I think should be on everyones "watch before you die" list :p But glad to be of service in screwing up your previously wrong top 5, especially as Hale and Guu will probably make it there too. And as you haven't yet watched it, may I be so bold as to recommend Yakitate Japan? 50 something episodes about bread. You'll love it :D



Feb 4, 2011
KiraRin says...

Well, I hope your brownies haven't gone off yet. It's all I can think about at the moment, especially as I'm on a diet >.<

Still enjoying Samurai 7? I found the finale extremely touching and moving. Trying to rate it in my head, I would say it's up there with Gankutsuou and Kemonozume (two of my alltime favourites). However, I do try to balance my top 5 by adding a splash of comedy in the form of Hale and Guu :p




Feb 1, 2011
KiraRin says...

Oh, I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Seems to be a sleeper hit and completely overlooked by so many people. The characters are brilliant, the scenery gorgeous (including the flying fortresses :P ) and it's just an overall epic series.


I hope it keeps your interest to the end! You should also think about marketing the anime diet if it stops you eating brownies :D





Jan 24, 2011
KiraRin says...

Senseless violence? Loved it. The fights took the centre stage, and the surrounding history served to give Afro more motivation to kick ass.

I haven't yet watched the movie, but I will get to it sometime soon! If you enjoyed this, then I would also recommend Samurai 7, which adds a modern twist to a Kurosawa classic!



Jan 22, 2011
masterbias says...

Well indeed. I don't think we can get any further with this debate, but lets hope for a good ova, and another season if possible :P

Jan 17, 2011