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KiraRin says...

Senseless violence? Loved it. The fights took the centre stage, and the surrounding history served to give Afro more motivation to kick ass.

I haven't yet watched the movie, but I will get to it sometime soon! If you enjoyed this, then I would also recommend Samurai 7, which adds a modern twist to a Kurosawa classic!



Jan 22, 2011
masterbias says...

Well indeed. I don't think we can get any further with this debate, but lets hope for a good ova, and another season if possible :P

Jan 17, 2011
masterbias says...

But the side characters wasn't the whole point of the anime. As thats what you try to make them. The all the side characters were good, but then we should have anticipated a anime over 24 episodes long. which we didn't get, and then the anime would probably have been bad.

Jan 16, 2011
Kari5 says...

(character mod here)

Just wanted to say thanks for adding the comments in when adding characters :) They're handy to have. (Other than that, I don't have much to report xp Your submissions are pending until someone can confirm the info)

Nov 28, 2010
unitzero says...

yo check this.

glad to have your help. there are lot's of little rules we use and we are here to help streamline that process. feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Tyler, Moderator


Nov 27, 2010