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Marceus says...

I'm still trying to erase the images of Seikon from my mind. I don't think watching Queen's Blade would help...

Nov 25, 2012
NicoNicoDesu says...

Hey, I read that piece-of-crap one-shot called "Lord of the Ring." (You know, that one you reviewed as 0.5?) Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go rate that thing.

Oh, and about the manga... I didn't lead you to any ecchi (DISCLAIMER), so just google it again or something. It's on quite a few sites, and it's the most perverted thing I've seen with nearly no ecchi. (And it has a protagonist who sees women as being only a pair of breats.)

Nov 11, 2012
NicoNicoDesu says...

Hmm... it appears that "Ludwig Kakumei" is missing from your read or reading manga list. Get your rear in gear and read that damn thing already!

Nov 9, 2012
NorthPole says...

Anime-Planet Secret Santa 2012

All are welcome to join! Click the above link for more details! Spread the word ^__^

Oct 30, 2012
PinkyIvan says...

I just wanted to say that I love you. 're posts.

Oct 24, 2012