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I'm a 20 year old guy who watches Anime. I'm currently a student, who's aspiring to become a programmer. Other than that, pretty much all I do has something to do with my computer, and I love watching movies/series.

There should be a more detailed biography here at some point.

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VivisQueen May 16, 2012

Hi ThommyTheThird,

I apologise for the late response. Thanks very much for your encouraging words; it always pleases me to know AP members are finding the reviews helpful in their search for new great stuff to watch.

The thing about ratings is this - they are ultimately always subjective! There is no way to be objective on how you feel or think about a show. But what you can do is try to rate relatively. This is how I ensure I get a fairly normal distribution (bell curve) on my ratings. I basically say, okay I've just watched Steins Gate, so is it better or worse than other specific shows I've seen? Does it deserve a higher rating than, say, Darker than Black or Shiki or even Card Captor Sakura? I try to compare shows first to those that are similar to find its general position in my scale and then to those that are different to locate it more specifically. It's not a hard and fast rule. Sometimes I just have a rating already in mind and go for it. But generally, when I'm confused, I go with the relative approach.

Hope that helps!

sothis May 14, 2012

I think it really depends on the person and the reasons why they use the statuses (people often use them for different reasons).

For me personally, while I used to be the same way (i'd never drop something, etc) I found that as I grew older and had less time, I didn't really have that luxury anymore of watching everything to completion :/ i also realized there's thousands of titles out there and I won't always be able to pick series i'll like for sure, so I do need to 'try out' a lot of them to find ones i'm really interested in. That leads to a lot of drops.

Furthermore, there's some genres I just flat out don't like - and given the whole 'theres thousands of anime to choose from', there are some i know i won't ever watch and might as well just mark them. Keeping in mind that you can filter recommendations to not show you things in your list, so marking any status will then hide them if you choose.

Also for me personally, I watch a lot of titles to add the synopses to AP (since all synops here are hand written/edited, none copy/pasted from elsewhere), and i have no desire to finish them since there's too many others i need to watch to add the info for. In these cases I tend to drop them after a few eps.

i've seen plenty of people using 'wont watch' or 'wont read' mostly to mark genres they really have no interest in - for example i know at least one person who marks anything yaoi as wont read, some people have no interest in old school mecha titles so they mark those won't wathc, etc. really depends on the person