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vernanonix says...

It's fine. We like people who are enthusiastc. And so long as you're familiar with the guidelines, we don't mind so much. However, everything has to be verified by the character mods (with ZeXal under my domain, so to speak) so it might take a while for changes and additions to be made. (Especially since I haven't gotten the chance to watch any of it yet. Sorry.)

However, do feel free to familiarize yourself with our guidelines and continue submitting for other stuff. Checking in on your submissions in the Character Submissions forum is also a great thing to do, in case we have questions.

And thank you for heeding what I said. Have a good day. :D

Apr 2, 2013
vernanonix says...

Hello there. This is vern, your friendly neighborhood character mod.

I just noticed you submitted a lot of additions to Yugioh Zexal II. At the moment, I'm the mod currently in charge of this series. However, I haven't had a chance to work on it yet. (I finished the first series and haven't started the second.) So if you could please hold off on submissions for the series for time being, that would be great, as it'll just otherwise clutter up our submission forums, which you can find here:

Also, our image submission system is currently not functioning properly, so if you would like to post  the images you added in the appropriate threads, that would be fine. Just make sure your images follow our guidelines, or else they well be immediately denied. You can find the guidelines here:

So yeah, thank you for your interest in our database and we hope to see quality submissions from you in the future.

Mar 28, 2013