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Tyranid5 says...

No problem, I'll hopefully get back to working on it soon. The week I set a ton of it up I had a ton of free time, then I got busy, had spring break and now I'm super busy this week xD And I've only had a seasonal job the past 2 years because during the school year my activities keep me busy so it works out better, but my work opens up in 2 weeks and I'm still running track and working on stuff finishing up senior year so I'm going to be super busy xD

Apr 5, 2011
Tyranid5 says...

Yeah, but one is in there by default though. And profiles and Anime Info pages are being re-worked sometime in the near future (I think before clubs).

1. Make a forum account hopefully using the same name.

2. Give me link to your forum profile and then when I can I'll get sothis to give you permissions to see the forum. I've most the important stuff copied + pasted. Now gotta turn MAL links into A-P links and a few various things then I'll start with stuff that needs to be written/fixed. I don't have total mod powers in the sub-forum yet. I'll worry about that when it's needed though.

I'll make a thread that will have a list of stuff to do and linking to the appropriate sources. And when it is completed just post it back in the same thread for now. There are not any time stamps for these posts. But all this should be up by the time my MAL post is 2 days old.

Mar 15, 2011