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Santo so that was my first resistance and that was in E I October over 2,000 think it was 2010 freedom is cap yet my freedom of speech was limited yeah and that started me on my quest I was making videos and getting that's how are also restarted I was you know doing my research I woke up youknow in Safer Colon I started spreading misinformation and the Monsanto is that for one the first things I delved into I and its it's probably throne of the worst things on because they're just so entrenched in everything we eats arm I matches everything we eat there the military industrial complex if they make poisons in pesticides in on yeah around up and all that yes so not only do they make things that we eat Germany poison to kill people till things arm yeah onset is a bad deal so that was abet there was a big realization to wake up and realize that Monsanto I am had so much control that I was talking about Monsanto and now is the real reason and it’s interesting because right before that they had an Autism Speaks commercial that was okay on the television I mean on the radio like that was the commercial and I started mentioning stuff about it about vaccines in a while oh my god so what can I say %ah resistance to tyranny his opinions to God sir you know like and %uh.

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