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A heartbreaking and difficult month went by and Adams birth mother had second thoughts she wrote chilling rich saying I will live the rest of my life knowing at the best people I have ever known are raising my precious little angel Adam finally join Jill rich and Emily family at last sale in children Ridge J also years Adam’s birth mother Michelle moody nice presents explain two outs how this relationship works because it’s quite unique it's very unique um I consider we can see Michelle a gift from the Lord she gave us a gift it we could have on our own and I know that I would want to know where my child went and know that my child was doing okay so we have Safer Colon  considered hot Para part of our extended family so you see your child who actually know you haven't seen Adam for how long eight months and time today this morning when I get off the plane what happened to him okay Nate has gone by me just as the question saw him for the first time in eight months today what was that like you so big you his huge you a I was given a while after that is like I've been maternal feeling their staff I wouldn't some I say it’s maternal it's just I love them with all my heart is pressures a you know really love 'me a lot but I love them like I love my niece are my nephew you know more but I love the more than just a childhood in why did you change your mind what did you want him back after you gave the baby to chill image wasn't exactly the 18th June 9 p.m. area in the hospital and chill in fridge came in they saw me and my family...

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