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Hello all :), and Im Nick. Im a farly boring person but a standard teenager none the less i enjoy anime and maga its my passion i cant draw but im told im a decent writer never been able to try seriously cause it usually turns ecchi in some way cause watched and read alot of that good stuff <3 ;D

My favourite Animes are as follows

1: Code Geass R1 and R2 they were both beautifuly written and pulled off by a genre ( Mecha) that i didnt think could do it with the much effecientcy, lovable characters beautiful story with some actual over arching goal to look forward to Lelouch V Britania was and still is a amazing man

2: Death Note was my favourite until code geass come into my life :). I tend to love anti hero type characters those who are willing to ingore the means to a good end result. Light and lelouch also hold up as my favourite characters because of there genius and ability to over come ramazing odds with the limited abilites they had Death note and Geass respectivly. The characters and chess like reactions and counter reactions made it work really well.

3: Gundam 00 this anime i was really hesitent to get into because of its origin ( Gundam) that is a series that gets alot of mixed reactions from people hate it or love it but this one and its second season were both done really well because it addressed a issue gundam animes tend to have there good with actions sequences but are usually terrible in the human interaction and element of the show. Its nice and with lovable characters.

4: Hellsing Ultimate this anime addressed a primal urge people have in them. The urge to kill the gore and beautiful animation of this series compared to its orignal which was lacking incrediably in a lot of areas. It was all over the place and didnt address the writters orignal plot thread ultimate fixed this and actually in the short time its been out made alot of good character relationships and a darker side of comdey and violence.  

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