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about me

I come on this website to read anime reviews everytime I consider watching a new anime, so I thought why not join?

About Me (Regarding Anime)

When it comes to anime, I am a very critical and cynical individual. This perspective developed and accumulated from comparisons I made of good anime and bad anime.

I don't consider an anime bad just because a genre does not appeal to me. Rather I am very diverse when it comes to my anime preferences, mostly because I get bored easily - especially of redundant themes or similar anime in the same genre. Because of this I have a 'benchmark' anime or rather a set standard on what anime is good or bad in its genre (from my perspective of course).

I look forward to writing many reviews for the anime I will be watching, and have already watched. Something you may not know about me is that I am diagnosed with short-term memory, meaning I have difficulties recalling recently transpired events. Because of this, I have to record most of my thoughts and actions on a custom made LOG (a handy habit I picked up from my employer). This lets me review anime easily and gives me an edge, as I already have notes written for most of the anime I watched. Sadly, I did not start recording an anime LOG until I finished watching my 10th or-so anime, it was then that I deemed a LOG neccessary; due to this I can not properly recall the first ten or-so anime I watched.

So far I have watched about 60 anime, including discontinued anime. I will very rarely discontinue an anime; even though I get bored easily and am impatient, I am still a very curious person - so almost everytime I will finish an anime if I have started it, a principle that is practiced by most anime fans I believe. I love reading reviews and reccomendations from other people, and in-turn recieving more insight into the anime or another perspective; however sometime my optimistic view regarding other peoples reccomendations backfires, as I find myself grinding painfully through a bad anime, which happens more often then you may think. I absolutely despise spoilers before an anime, especially when it is not notified in a review.

How did I get into Anime?

My ex-girlfriend used to watch alot of anime; which in-turn used to make me angry as I loved watching 'South Park' after work. However eventually after having to watch it with her for so long, I also became addicted and found myself watching anime in my spare time as it was too cold to go out at the time. As a kid my favourite anime was always the legendary 'Dragonball' series; although I would not be able to watch it anymore due to it being unappealing to me anymore (because of its intended target audience), I still love the console games for it, as it fills me with overwhelming nostalgia. So far I have been watching anime for a little over a year.

What else do you do in your spare time, and do study?

I love football (who doesn't), hockey and swimming, in the summer. In winter I don't really go out so I will usually watch anime or movies and play games aswell.

I' am currently studying my second year of my I.C.T and business diploma, and should be attending University by the end of this year.


> I think I got a little too carried away.

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Feb 10, 2012

Welcome to anime planet!! :DD haha oh and your top 5 favorite anime??

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