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I wish i could change my name -_-

Self proclaimed Japanophile, and オタク.i love animes that make me cry like a little baby, and that have wounderfull soundtracs. When i hear a sound track off of an anime like fma or clannad i just start crying XD. i love music and if its japanese it makes it 2x as cool, so my hard drive is full of anime ost's.I love anime what ellse is there to say?... check out my pro on   ^_^my pro on the forum watch anime mostly when i have nothing better 2 do. but this isnt always the case, i have on rare occasion blown off friends and other things to watch certain anime.Like on fridays when i know an ep. might be subbed there have been times were i have told ple i didnt want todo any thing so that i could watch clannad~A.S.~. But for the most part, i try not to watch it in all of my free time.Because if i let it entrap me like i have b4, i will most likely lose all my friends and be a loser may say well "he has no right to call himself an otaku" if i dont dedicate my time to it. Well i must dissagree, the way i feel when i watch anime(good 1s) and when i see things related to anime begs to differ.Not to mention(although i am mentioning it XD) i have a FMA "flamel" tat on my wrist for the world 2 see that i love anime.

But yeah if you love to discuss anime plz talk to me and add me on myspace i love talking to fellow otaku.

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ukato Feb 16, 2010

Hmm bout your spacing problem, is it coz u typing spaces instead of pressing enter?

Coz spaces dont wont if u have them in a huge row (ill trying here:)                                                                                                                                                                                                               i dont know if that just did anything, lol

Any ways, i jsut use the ENTER for spacing to the next line, i think thats what u trying to do, so give that a go, otherwise i dunno... >.<

Oh yeah, i am chinese, and ive lived in New Zealand for like 13 years, but i go back to HK alot, so im keep in good contact with both countries ^.^

 Ah, i can get into your myspace now!! ^.^ Ill give it a close look later, but i like your hair,  combovers/fringes are great, thats like my hair too, cept mines not as long (Coz i find it gets too hots and such)

Lol, by dealers u mean druggies? XD

Oh and yeah, i was reading all the flaming bout the Sora no Otoshimono review... >.<

Cya later~ hope u can space your stuff soon ^.^

ukato Feb 15, 2010

Oh yeah, i saw that in the review section.... >.<

ukato Feb 15, 2010

Hey, the chart for next season's shows just came out:

I sooooooo wanna see what B Gata H Kei is gonna be about XD

OH and good news for you: K-On! 2 is coming out!!! XD More moe-moe-kyun~ <3 XD

therik Feb 15, 2010

Hey there Lastet.

Noticed you've been having a bit of a barney with a friend of mine. While you've tried to be nice about it, and you are entitled to your opinion, here's the headline story:

You're way off the mark

I know Kira pretty well, and - believe me - she loves her ecchi. They're designed as self-insertion fantasy for lonely males, sure, but that's not to say that she can't appreciate them as much - or even more - than blokes. It's got nothing to do with gender or sexuality or anything of the sort, and belittling her opinion as that of a "chick" is offensive. Totally and utterly offensive. Reviewers write stuff in their spare time,  ouut of the goodness of their hearts, and don't need shit like that. In sum, you're basically saying to her "I know what you like and don't like better than you do" which, if you'll pardon my French, is abso-fecking-lutely shitting ridiculous. You're wrong; acknowledge that and stop digging.

Additionally, I think your fanfiction could use a little work. Primarily the spelling mistakes but also the everything else.

Hugs and Kisses


KiraRin Feb 15, 2010

I really think you have missed the point of my comments.

Yes, I may be female, but that does *not* mean I cannot enjoy ecchi. In fact, I know of many straight females who love perversion as much as I do. The genre is not just aimed at perverted japanese men, and the change in storylines is definitely starting to reflect this. Older anime (such as 1+2 = paradise) is nothing but crude, whereas Nyan Koi is utterly hilarious and has some great characters (as my review of it reflects).

And as to straight guys not liking yaoi, I think you have missed the mark once more. Just because *you* don't like it doesn't mean others are the same. A few (straight) guys I recommended Junjou Romatica to really enjoyed it because of the story.

My comment about having watched more was simply to make the point that I have more material against which to mark a show. And the enjoyment comment? That was simply comparing my ratings to yours. I'm sorry you seem to be threatened by a female who can enjoy something perverted as much (although, more than likely more) than you do.

It is unfortunate that you seem quite so narrow minded on this matter, as your comments seem to have upset quite a few people :(