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I wish i could change my name -_-

Self proclaimed Japanophile, and オタク.i love animes that make me cry like a little baby, and that have wounderfull soundtracs. When i hear a sound track off of an anime like fma or clannad i just start crying XD. i love music and if its japanese it makes it 2x as cool, so my hard drive is full of anime ost's.I love anime what ellse is there to say?... check out my pro on   ^_^my pro on the forum watch anime mostly when i have nothing better 2 do. but this isnt always the case, i have on rare occasion blown off friends and other things to watch certain anime.Like on fridays when i know an ep. might be subbed there have been times were i have told ple i didnt want todo any thing so that i could watch clannad~A.S.~. But for the most part, i try not to watch it in all of my free time.Because if i let it entrap me like i have b4, i will most likely lose all my friends and be a loser may say well "he has no right to call himself an otaku" if i dont dedicate my time to it. Well i must dissagree, the way i feel when i watch anime(good 1s) and when i see things related to anime begs to differ.Not to mention(although i am mentioning it XD) i have a FMA "flamel" tat on my wrist for the world 2 see that i love anime.

But yeah if you love to discuss anime plz talk to me and add me on myspace i love talking to fellow otaku.

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ukato says...


Oh yeah, -chin and -tan are all alternative jap honorifics to -chan, similar stuff, just even more cute <33

About this: "yeah i was watching it but i dont like the battling, i only got to the second ep i think", which show do u mean? Toaru Majutsu no Index, or Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (the one my avvy is from)

Yeah, and about how to show your "fav/least fav" genres, every time you click on "edit profile", i THINK it clears your Fav.s Least etc, so u have to click the scroll-down list again, and just select them, and then make sure to press the "submit" button next to it. Hope that works!

Feb 17, 2010
ukato says...

Err, no, what i meant was that, there IS a chinese surname "Chan", and its funny coz in Japanese, they have the honorific of "-chan" ^.^ "kun" doesnt have that pun in Chinese.

And yeah, calling Hideyoshi (the chara on my avvy) -chan would make perfect sense coz he's a trap, and much of the fanservice in Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjuu (great show btw!)

Hmm... yeah, forum fights/blog fights/irc fights/etc etc all get pretty nasty, so ive always steered clear of them and just acted nicely with everyone on the net ^.^ Afterall, everyones just looking for a good time to relieve the stresses of everyday life ^.^

Feb 16, 2010
ukato says...

Cool, now you arent typing essays any more~ XD

And i think u spaced out your profile too aye?

Lol, i prefer using anime avvys like most peeps on here ^.^

OH OH!! Speaking of the -chan -kun thing, its funny, coz you know how im chinese right? Well, my surname is Chan, so you could call me Ken-chan, coz my names Kenny Chan ^.^

And ya, -chan sounds really cute XD But -tan and -chin are even more epic :)

Feb 16, 2010
KiraRin says...

This is going to be my final reply on the matter, because apparently a reasoned argument is either you dismissing my views as wrong without saying why, or just ignoring them altogether.

I think you are either a virgin, or have never been sexually confident in the presence of women. It is blatantly obvious that you have never had the guts to ask a woman what she likes, or what turns her on. You may actually be surprised what replies you get, as females are increasingly more vocal about their turn-ons, no matter how unusual they may seem. Girls in general can appreciate the female form, and although much porn *is* aimed at men, that doesn't mean women can't enjoy it.

On one hand you say I must be "at least a little gay" because I like watching females in ecchi anime. By your same reasoning, you must be "at least a little gay" because you are into hello kitty - something that is not aimed at the male demographic.

And comparing your list against someone elses is nothing but a couple of clicks, not really a waste of time, especially if it gives me an indication of the type of person spouting nothing but bullshit.


Feb 16, 2010
wanryavka says...

Yes you could say that's why the call them traps.  Personally tho I prefer Akira Kasukabe as a shouta artist since it seems that's what he does best.  But yeah he does some great loli stuff from time to time.

Feb 16, 2010