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I am a long time anime fan having watched my first anime between 8th and 9th grade years in 1995. A friend of a friend showed us a subtitled verion of Project A-ko which we all laughed our asses of for the entierty of the movie.  Then the next day we watched the dubbed verion of Akira.  At that moment I knew anime would be a part of my life.

Having said that I just only went to my first con this past march (2103) in Seattle, Wa (Sakura-Con).  San Antonio just isn't the hot bed of geek culture... it's still underground here.  

Studio Ghibli obviously ranks high in my book, though I prefer sci-fi, space opera type anime.  My favorite series being Planetes.  Why Planetes?  So many series, anime or otherwise, generally have a hard time closing out their stories ( Seinfeld anyone? ).  But this show had everything for me; action, true romantics, a steradily building plot, great voice overs and scripting, awesome pacing, AND.... the most complete ending ever!  All my questions were answered, I wasn't left lingering, and felt completely satisfied with the conclusion.

As of the summer of 2013 I am currently back in school at San Antonio College trying to get into the medical field and/or space sciences.  

Also, I collect anime on VHS and as of today (8 Feb, 2014) I'm sitting on 1,252 tapes.  I mostly go for dubbed but will get subtitled when something isn't available in English.  I never understand this whole "it has to be in it's original Japanese or it sucks" mentality that many anime fans/otaku tend to have.  Fact of the matter is I do not know the Japanese language and would prefer to enjoy the show and not have my eyes glued to the bottom of the screen.  With dvd's the subs tend to be better about pacing the subtitles but going back to the 80's and 90's some tapes had those subs up for like 3 seconds and wanted you to read like 3 sentences of dialoge!  I'm always on the lookout for anime VHS tapes so if you or someone you know is getting rid of some please feel free to e-mail me.... [email protected]

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TheToxicFrog says... .... that's my site in progress for my anime and gaming stuff, but mostly consentrating on anime.  I am currently at 780 VHS tapes of anime :)

Jul 24, 2013
kHuntington says...

yeah,i came across an ebay store business card you gave me, and i looked up the store, and saw your ebay name, so i looked that up on yahoo to see if you had a facebook or something, but found this. didnt you say you like bought the rights to use the battletoads logo or something? anyway, after we left SA, tori's anime collection blew up big time. i still don't really care for it. i've been doing game reviews on Youtube though, most notably sega cd games. have a look see.

Jul 24, 2013
TheToxicFrog says...

I left in October of 2007... moved out to Mississippi in December of that year... moved back to San Antonio in October of 2009.  Currently back in school, and living at home :/ , but likely going to UTSA, FOR FREE, for something along the lines of a Bachelors in Astrophysics.  Currently doing security for Nationwide Insureance which pays like $17.48 an hour :) and a few people from West are working the phones there including Lisa who was a floor supervisor.

Jul 24, 2013
kHuntington says...

"my"? had no idea there was such ownership involved..... are you still doing that job? if not how long after i moved did you leave?

Jul 24, 2013
TheToxicFrog says...

How the hell did you guess it was my Keith?!?!?!?!?!?!

Jul 24, 2013