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First of all, let's get things straight - she's mai waifu, and I kinda have a thing for eye patches and silver haired girls after all. Especially Laura with her strong personality and angry mood, but in the end all she wants is to be loved and cared about, that's why she became my precious lady. I didn't ever thought about it having a goddammit waifu, but here she is.

Raura Bōdevihhi

Not only her, but the characters I treasure the most are because they have a strong and cold personality, but they also got a broken heart, needing love and understanding, I think they're all similar to me nowadays, but enough of that crap, let's get to know about my anime life.

First of all I've started watching early on, when I was just a little brat, I did watched classics like Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, Evangelion (I was afraid of this show when I was little, those Evas always gave me nightmares... well, still do) and Bucky (constipated face pink ball that only I remember, goddammit people), but I've never got into the deep schematics of the whole thing, but don't get me wrong, I've always loved anime with a passion, they're a great part of my childhood, but, honestly? In that time I'd rather play videogames and watch western cartoons, which where far less obscure, if I can put in this way of understanding 'less death, more fun, no traumas' ...I blame Evangelion. But this changed over the time, I think 2 or 3 years ago I've finally returned to the anime world, thanks to the shoujo-ai genre I've gathered interest to swim into the middle of the thing again, I love yuri so much and I'm always looking forward to new yuri shows. And yes, I'm still sad that Sakura Trick is over.

I got a pretty girly taste in anime as you can see (what can I do, right?), to think I started watching things like Evangelion when I was a little kid, and now I'm a grown up man, I enjoy watching slice of life, moe and romance shows a lot more. XD

Here is my favorite yuri show who made me crawl back in the anime world again, Sasameki Koto.

I've loved so much that I even read the manga (even the last ones, which are still RAW, at least I could understand the pictures), and I don't enjoy reading manga so much by the way, I've really tried to, my best friend tossed a LOT of good mangas at me one time, but I'm a anime only and I'm always be this way, with only a few exceptions, of course.

But aside all my lesbo fascination and my lack of reading, my favorite anime is Code Geass (neither I believed when I realized this, I don't like mecha so much, but even Laura are from a goddammit megazord franchise), I've watched nonstop when I first got it, and I fell in love with the characters and with the twisted story. See, I'm not that senstive person to be frank, but when we talk about romance you got me right away, and this show got me aswell with Shirley (WHY? WHY?) and the other unsucessful relationships, but unlike my favorite genres, which doesn't have much development in the plot (but they have big plots if you catch my drift, which Code Geass has too, hello there Milly Sugar Rack Ashford.) and almost all romances have a happy ending (almost, fuck you 'non-kissing scene' series), nowadays I'd rather choose Danganronpa (the visual novel) over CG.

C.C is my favorite character from the show (and after her, Sir Orange), the way she always leaves Lelouch mad or without a straight answer always make me happy, don't get me wrong, I love Lelouch too, but a person who could make him, the dimbo bingo gambo leader pissed anytime is a beast! And that time she forgot her memories, OH MY GOD, IT WAS SO CUTE, I'D KIDNAP HER IN A SECOND! (Make sure Laura doesn't know about this, willya? I've got many problems and cheating ain't one, jeez) Green haired pizza lover girl, you're the best, even though you are ageless and mostly bored with all the stuff (which is my natural mood too), I love you so much.


SO. CUTE. I had to punch myself in the nuts to feel manly again, BUT IT ISN'T WORKING.

And for the wierd anime that we all have and treasure so much, but no one else does, because in most of the times is pure shit and only you have affection for it, well, mine is Kampfër, such a suckass anime, the MC had such a disappointing development (he was a total imbecile too, to better understanding check out my review), honestly everything had a such stupid development, buuuuuuut on the other hand, oh my, i BOOBS enjoyed BOOBS every BOOBS single BOOBS minute! (Hey, don't judge me, what i was supposed to do? I love boobs! BOOBS!)

Goddammit Shizuku... i can only have one waifu, you know? I'm a loyal guy. (seriously, keep it clean, aight?)

In the other hand, let's get a little review with the most traumatic experience I had with anime, which was the damned Bondage Game. If you want to still be sane, skip to the cat picture, but let's get this thing going, long story short, it's a BDSM hentai, maids being tortured and used only for sex, more like a sex slave business to say no more (lies, I'm going to erase your sanity right now with this review), very fucking edgy if you ask me, but I was in the mood too so... I've moved forward and, when I saw the thing going on, I paused and thought about it in the most naive way 'WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?' and finally I've a answer to this question: 'EVERYTHING'.

Seriously, WHO THE HELL MADE UP THAT STUFF? IT'S DISGUSTING! I felt regretful when I was watching, but you know what? I'm a man, I'm gonna watch this crap until the end!... It was the worst decision I've made so far in my life, I never regreted so much for being a man (seriously).

To be honest, I don't mind futanari or even a little piss scene here and there, I can even enjoy if I'm in the mood (what? you have your secrets too, wierdo), but I'm on my damn limit when comes to vomit, shit and sexual dismemberment. Have yourself thought about a girl decapitated when she was giving herself pleasure? No? What about eating shit from your sister diaper? Still not ringing any bells? I suppose you could go watch this damned thing and ruin your life like I did!

No, I'm not gonna ilustrate the show here because in the depth of my heart I care about you over there, taking your time to read my profile, think about me as a friend, advicing you from a experienced life in the weird stuff business, trust me, I've watched a LOT of edgy shows (either 2D or 3D) but none of them, I said NONE closes up the gap with Bondage Game. Elfen Lied and Higurashi are very down on the edgy ladder to be truthful with'ya. For my and your own sake I'll make a better use of this text wall with a picture of a cat.

Thank you, Chi.


Hello there, Chi. I'm done with this bondage crap and everybody is happy now, but if you're still thinking about watching, or if you're a sick person (I KNOW YOU ARE), go watch the damn thing. But don't say I didn't warn ya.

Well, that's a little (I talk a lot in real life aswell, bear with me) about me and my good and/or crazed ass experiences, thanks for reading all these stuff!

Iif you liked, just add me, I'm always looking for new friends to talk to about animes (normal animes, not disgusting stuff), most of my friends doesn't like animes the way I do, and feel free to talk to me too, I'm a friendly person and I'm open to sugestions to any anime right now, and yeah sure, even about obscure shows if you insist that much. :P



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DarkMakor says...

i know what you mean when you say you are in a hiatus with anime, i'm almost at my breaking point here with anime, my anime's that i've put on hold for Quite awhile now aren't turning out to be so great, and after watching 18 boriiiing episodes of Heroic Age i mean god. -.- i actually went so far as to watch a real TV series [i never do that. like. ever. Because i'm usually 100% dedicated to anime] but after seeing subtitles on some anime. i mean the subtitles. are so messed up. and since you've seen danganronpa you know where i'm coming from. how there was multiple mistakes in the subtitles. and we all know those mistakes aren't suposed to be there. x.x oh and as for Kampfer ... bokuhatsu penguin man. Bokuhatsu ... Penguin. ^.^

Dec 21, 2013
DarkMakor says...

one word. DanganRonpa. you might wanna re-check all those characters you commented on haha. [i replied to you in one of them so good hunting to you.] nice profile by the way. "the bondage game, Kampfer, sasameki-koto" i know exactly where your coming from with most of what i've seen in your profile. i prefer stoic characters though not the hot-heads. do you have a preferred anime character tag? and have you heard of these two anime? - 

Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru, and

My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute, also i love how you've seen a good chunk of what i've seen already.i know what you mean about kampfer. i mean god -.- the main antagonist was probably the best character in the series except for some of the things she might've said but whatever. lol [bokuhatsu penguin ftw btw.]and you have anime's like Desert Punk, SAO, Blood Lad, Candy Boy, Highschool of the Dead, Future Diary,  Zero no TsukaimaTo Aru Kagaku no RailgunSoul EaterSchool Days, and Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan which is what i've seen which is cool. but there are still alot more you should watch like A certain magical index, accel world. and the other two i mentioned. and many more. but i hope you add me back and have a nice day. lol

Dec 20, 2013
SirJosh says...

Actually I haven't started playing the game yet. So I was hoping it'd work on the PCSX2. I have a PSP, so I would probably be using it to play the dangan ronpa game in the future :) 

Nov 1, 2013
SirJosh says...

No problem. Great review on the dangan ronpa anime by the way. Did you play the game on playstation, PSP or PCSX2? 

Oct 23, 2013
Mirai67 says...

Thank you, it means a lot to me to know you spent your time reading my review of Dangan Ronpa.

Oct 22, 2013