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Jun 6, 2013


Lemme start clearing something up - the REAL story is a crapload of nothing happening all the freaking time. Why? Well, theoretically the Kampfers MUST fight, and fighting it's the least they do in the whole show. This is one of the animes I hold dear because of the fanservice, not gonna lie. Other than that, this wouldn't be even worth it.

PS: Watching this show is going to give you a boner when you least expect it. Don't make that face, you're a fucking pervert too.


The story is focused on every girl fighting for the protagonist heart. Every character is a lesbian (Yay!) and even though they are incredibly powerful beings, the show isn't about the fighting or the drama like I've mentioned before. Honestly, all they want is to have a lucky time with the curvy Natsuru, and nobody cares about his male form. Oh yeah, Natsuru is a genderbender protagonist. Cool, huh? Unfortunately he's that annoying shithead protagonist with only one thing in his mind - he wants to be with one girl, who turns out to be a big bitch.

Natsuru it's a dumb character overall, of course. Sakura, the big bitch, has evil written in her forehead but he doesn't see that. Natsuru doesn't change a single thing about his unconditional love for her even when she reveals herself. I gotta say that it's annoying as hell watch this going on while Akane, his best friend, is kinda trying to expose Sakura, and that she isn't who he thinks she is.

Now, lets talk about the REAL character in this show - Shizuku. She is one of the best characters I've ever seen in an anime, and I'm being serious right now.

Shizuku is the main reason I loved Kampfer in the first place. Think about a character who is smart, bold, loves to play with fire and is hellbent in screwing up Sakura's plans all the time. Oh yeah, another thing - she is a sexy beast! How to not fall in love with her? Or better, how to NOT correspond her love? Such a wasted character in a mediocre show with a crappy protagonist. Natsuru sucks.

Natsuru doesn't know anything to be honest with you, that's why the show is kinda crappy. I don't have problems with the shitty backstory of Kampfers fighting like Highlanders, and lemme remind you that the kampfers are super powerful beings but nobody remembers that anyway. They "need" to fight because there are a higher power called "The Moderators" and their purpose is to decide which side is the most powerful side - the red OR the blue? Oh yeah I forgot to mention that THERE'S A WHITE SIDE TOO! PLOT TWIST! AND IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER AT ALL! Great storytelling, guys.

As you can see, it's all about the silliness. Oh yeah, what's the deal with those stuffed dead animals? For some reason Sakura controls them but they're just... there. By the way, is she the administrator of the moderators? The ending is somewhat fuzzy but since this show is pretty much garbage at storytelling WE'RE NEVER GOING TO KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY!


Let me be serious for a moment - the slice of life/romance/ecchi component it's what gave me hope for this anime, and it happens pretty often but unfortunately it's not very well done. Some characters just pop up on the screen from nowhere, like, what the hell is going on right here? Who's that new girl? What does she want? No backstory whatsoever.

I know, everybody have their tastes, but the ending was a joke and the 'second season' was kinda promising, but unfortunately we won't see that coming any time soon.

Bottom line is -  Natsuru is a dingus, Shizuku is the best, but they're all hot and thirsty for some sexual action, so the whole Kampfer plot doesn't really matter, right? Yup, it doesn't.

If you do like romance and/or sexual tension I highly recommend this anime, but beware, this show has a super slow start and it is kinda frustrating to watch. The fanservice is great, though.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Judge Aug 25, 2013

I just watched Kampfer... and jeez Natsuru is an idiot... I mean come on, he is falling for the bitch known as Sakura in every episode after all that... Also the kiss between Akane and Mikoto was amazing...

Judge Aug 13, 2013

Boobs and lesbianism, eh? I guess I'll have a look... Thank you for this review.