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Review Updates!

12 SEP

Hello! Tempest here. (really?)

Today i updated (AGAIN) my Danganronpa review, i'm trying to make this my masterpiece, to be honest i'm just working to make a good read for who didn't understand the purpose of the animation, and i updated my first review, which is for Kampfer, added some new infos and pictures, because everybody love pictures, right?

I'm trying to figure out what anime i should write a review for next, i'm thinking about Horizon, but i didn't finish yet. Working! and Servant x Service are on my list aswell, but you know, i'm not thaaaat pumped up to write a big incredible review (if i was, i would wrote for Code Geass a long time ago haha)

Well, that's it, if you read it and got a suggestion, feel free to contact me, until next time.

Tempest signing out.


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