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Update 11/23/2015 - Oh boy, animes... it's been so long. I think I haven't seen a single anime show in almost a year now. I don't quite know why, maybe it's because I got burned out of watching so many of them, lol.

Anyways, I've decided to delete my weaboo section of my profile since I don't actually feel connected to that anymore.

Well, I'll see if I'm willing to watch something soon enough. I have a couple animes in my Currently Watching section I've been wanting to see just so I can get back on track, and maybe write a brand new review for one of them, because my Danganronpa one - even though I've been updating it with little things here and there, is old as fuuuudge by today's standards.

Also, I've updated the stuff in my Stalled list as well. Hell, it's been a while since I've updated this profile.

Ok, bye.


Check out my UPDATED review for Danganronpa!.

Current Status: Maybe coming back for more.

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WendyHitsugaya Feb 23, 2016

you got like a link where should i read it ? 

kireiko May 16, 2015

Hello, just drop here to say thanks for your review on the danganronpa (i can leave the comment on review page, but the captcha is killing me)

you make a nice point there, like the 24-26 episode and the visual novel thing, it's always good to let people KNOW where it come from and make them more interested in playing the VN first rather than bashing the anime (it's one of the best game i've play on psp btw)

SonnyIgor Feb 12, 2015

Hii dude! Nice review I found from you here :D

I'm going to watch it ;)

Thanks :D


brokensaint058 Jul 23, 2014

Entertaining profile read there. I have but one thing to comment:

Why limit yourself to one waifu, start a harem! I heard they are all the rage with protagonists nowadays.

-- Broken