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Just your typical Otaku... or have I not earned that title yet? o_O Unfortunatly I don't have much merchandise, but about 75% of my spare time is dedicated to anime. I'm usually pretty open when it comes to anime, I'll try most things as long as I think it might be good, but I'll avoid a few certain genres.

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Canada eh?

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BGMaxie avatar BGMaxie

Great Profile!

Mar 17, 2012

Dude ROFL on your reply to a bot.

Xplayer avatar Xplayer


Mar 3, 2012

Thanks for the reply! I can't believe I spelled Miyazaki's name wrong all those times (at least I was consistent). I was aware that Miyazaki didn't direct the work, but to say that he had nothing to do with it is also incorrect. He did write and plan story and is credited with "Writing and Planning" in the opening credits, which in the animation industry is code for "drawing a ton of storyboards." The art style is still Miyazaki's, but as for the animation/coloring/backgrounds/etc. I will give credit where credit is due (sorry Mr. Hiromasa Yonebayashi).

(I also posted this as a comment into the review itself and edited the review accordingly).

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