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Just your typical Otaku... or have I not earned that title yet? o_O Unfortunatly I don't have much merchandise, but about 75% of my spare time is dedicated to anime. I'm usually pretty open when it comes to anime, I'll try most things as long as I think it might be good, but I'll avoid a few certain genres.

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chii Apr 30, 2012

hehe ya I hear ya on that. getting to 1000 shouldn't be too much of a problem if you power through ova's and movies. you'll find some gems that way too :D (if i wasn't lazy atm i would rec you some stuff, i'll do it later though if you want :P)

sometimes it's hard to balance gaming and anime. i either am really into one or the other. just got back into watching anime after beginning the year gaming. I need more games for my ps3 though to keep me busy XD

chii Apr 29, 2012

pretty much everywhere in QC is french. I'm in a small nook of the townships that is mostly english though :)

As for other Canadian anime fans you just gotta search em out and make them talk to you! we're friendly enough afterall XD

chii Apr 29, 2012

awww yeah Bride of Deimos is great oldschool horror!I totally get what you mean for every gem there's like 5 shitty ova's. all i can say is keep digging through em cause you'll find lots of awesome that way!

I'm from ottawa firstly moved to poutine land many moons ago for the bf~

roriconfan Apr 29, 2012

Thank you. I eventually feel like I have to use a standart for all the decades, giving to the old the benefit of innovation and to the new the bonus of good visuals. They become equal in overall.

chii Apr 28, 2012

hehe I figured it would be nice to get a good comment or 2 :) I kinda pride myself in hunting down rare hard to find shows. A site called BakaBT has a lot of hidden gems that come to the surface so I keep my eye on that.

I take it you are from out west due to the stampede in your name? :P