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Just your typical Otaku... or have I not earned that title yet? o_O Unfortunatly I don't have much merchandise, but about 75% of my spare time is dedicated to anime. I'm usually pretty open when it comes to anime, I'll try most things as long as I think it might be good, but I'll avoid a few certain genres.

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chii says...

hehe probaly not but the number matters not. I'm looking forward to X'amd a bunch. I've put it off because it's in the zone of anime i feel i will fall in love with so i tend to stalkpile those for when i really need something awesome to watch :D

May 3, 2012
roriconfan says...

I know those shows but I don't consider them great

May 1, 2012
chii says...

na my trophies are quite small. under 100. i've only had a ps3 for a few months now heh. i really want those batman games even more now XD

hehe i understand that about gon and cafe. they are special and weird and well just right up my alley. Tsuritama is so much fun along with zetman! Erueka AO I'm still on the fence for since i was only meh to "S1". I do like their old men in it though hahaha...

Apr 30, 2012
chii says...

my psn is andrea_chii :) I'm pushing myself for the FFXIII platinum then i'll tackle XIII-2 but i still gotta wait for the bf to finish it XD I really want to play those batman games. they look so awesome!

I'm watching pretty much all anime this season and those 2 are totally near the top of the pickings for this season. Gon, Space Brothers, Polar Bear Cafe, and fate/zero2 are my perfect score choices at the moment. mysterious girlfriend x is doing some amazing things

Apr 30, 2012
chii says...

hehe ya I hear ya on that. getting to 1000 shouldn't be too much of a problem if you power through ova's and movies. you'll find some gems that way too :D (if i wasn't lazy atm i would rec you some stuff, i'll do it later though if you want :P)

sometimes it's hard to balance gaming and anime. i either am really into one or the other. just got back into watching anime after beginning the year gaming. I need more games for my ps3 though to keep me busy XD

Apr 30, 2012