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Just your typical Otaku... or have I not earned that title yet? o_O Unfortunatly I don't have much merchandise, but about 75% of my spare time is dedicated to anime. I'm usually pretty open when it comes to anime, I'll try most things as long as I think it might be good, but I'll avoid a few certain genres.

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chii Jul 17, 2012

Have you seen any of the really really old shorts? There's a great torrent of them on Bakabt. If you want fun and experimental for sure check it out. I'd also suggest checking out anything that is Studio 4°C

chii Jul 16, 2012

ahhh that's so awesome! picked a good one. i really enjoyed that movie a lot. i still got the new series they made in 2010 to watch but i think deep down i'm saving it for when i really need an awesome anime. they don't make em like cobra anymore that's for sure! I'm not one to watch live actions of anime honestly. i think i've watched a few but not very well known ones where everyone hated them like say dragon ball LOL

You are quite the gamer! I finally got that flower trophy and that's all i have to report in that aspect XD got flow and simply loved it. still got 4 more trophies of that to get though haha.

Favourite spring show that finished is Mysterious Girlfriend X followed by i guess fate/zero 2. but polar bear cafe, gon, and space brothers are above those but they are still airing :P the new lupin was not for it.. it was... too arty and well i just didn't feel it as well as others i guess. i think it would have made a better tv special honestly. but ehhh at least i can still appreciate it. :)

for the summer season i'm actaully not watching very much. i decided i was gonna wait till everything finished in order to marathon it at the end of the season. i did this with the winter season too. but i am watching all the S2's and 5 new shows. Arcana Famiglia (lol so girly so it's a guilty pleasure for me XD), Driland (chibi fantasy), Kingdom (woo battle for china), Natsuyuki Rendezvous (spooky bishie), Oda Nobuna no Yabou (i can't get enough of gender bent nobunaga XD) oh yeah and Chitose Get You (i dunno some shit) because it's short episodes so no skin off my back watching a 3 minute crappy show

i'm enjoying all these shows greatly. if i had to choose my favourite i guess it would be a toss up between kingdom and nobuna. S2 wise though Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere blows them all out of the water. i love that overly complex show SO MUCH! XD

chii Jun 20, 2012

it's too bad i can't just claim his trophies on my account XD i totally am a perfectionist when it comes to these things so you aren't wrong about that XD

a lot of the games i do have are older ones that don't have trophies either LOL which is a shame but well someday i'll make the collection bigger~

chii Jun 19, 2012

ahhh awesome stuff! I'll have to work at getting it again soon! awesome to hear about flow. I'll have to convince the bf to let me get it sooner than later :P

we're playing FFXIII-2 right now on the bf's account. it's a lot easier to get the trophies for that one than the first one imo since i haven't even gotten all those yet. we only need like 6 more or something and they are all easy ones. fighting one badass monster atm though which is being a pain but i'll get it next time! XD

Arslan is a great ova but i wish it was more complete since it just does kind of end sadly. piano no mori i remember being very boring. you should check out Nitaboh for something similar but better. My Beautiful Girl Mari too! The Hi no Tori series? if so awesome right? you should totally check out the ova's and movies too because they are great as well. one of my complete favourites. i haven't watched Orange Road yet but someday when i'm in an old school mood i'll give it a try.

i had ytv when i was a kid. so i watched sailor moon, dragon ball, gundam wing and whatever else they had on there. later when teletoon was made that was watched a lot too for old awesome ova's and movies and stuff like that. i don't really watch anime on tv anymore because the internet is so much more convenient for me to just grab something quick and fast.

chii Jun 18, 2012

haha i know what you mean. it took me like 10 minutes to type out that message i sent you XD

Flower sure is amazing. I haven't gotten the pure trophie yet sadly LOL it's REALLY freaking hard to do. Otherwise i got the rest in the bad easily. did you get pure yet or still working on it? i really want to try the other 2 games this company does. flow = evolution fish or creatures or something and the other one being journey which is the best one that people choose out of the 3. i'll probably get flow first just cause :P

yeah 3K sure is a lot for trophies. not so much for anime imo ;) I've been procrastinating watching the anime i want to for the magical number since i don't really want it XD someday i hope to have that many trophies though! i gotta put anime on hold for like a year and game non stop! although i gotta have more money to buy all the games i want XD