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Now warning in advanced, I was a pretty big Saint Seiya (or as they called it here, Knights of the Zodiac) fan back when it was airing in Canada. It was like the dream anime for a kid, along with stuff like DBZ. So when this OVA started airing I was immedietly interested and began watching, if for nothing atleast nostalgic purposes. I was pleasently surprised with this prequel.

Story- So this OVA is based on a manga and is actually the prequel for the original Saint Seiya series. The main story is pretty much a good v.s evil tale and they make it all the more easier to identify who is evil and who is good because they're all color coded. Those in darker or black armor are evil (Hades) and the ones in Golden or silver armor are the warriors of Athena. There is a nice plot twist early on, but its your basic shonen story.

Animation- Easily the best part of this OVA. The animation is breathtaking, I can't imagine the amount of work that went into  drawing little detail of the armor and the character designs themselves are also very detailed and the fighters actually look like they have been training for the majority of their lives and can actually fight and have proportionate limbs *cough*saintseiyaomega*cough*. The Fight scenes are very fast paced and well animated, theres really not much more I could ask for this kind of anime.

Sound- The engrishness of the OP is pretty hilarious, but in a good way. It really gets you in to the mood to watch a shonen battle show like this. The insert songs and BGM can be really impressive at times and the ed theme is just beautiful..

Characters- I didn't expect much out these characters. The main cast is kind of dull IMO Tenma and his friends are pretty set in their ways about justice and what not. I'll have to admit some of the Golden saints and Black stars (I think thats what they were called) have some interesting personalities to make up that.

Overall- A really enjoyable experience, especially if you have seen the first series. The characters and plot have not really improved too much, but the animation has... I would like to say the music too, but I have a soft spot for Bowling for Soup... I'm not really sure why they used a cover song of a 80's band done by a late 90's/early 2000's band but yeah thats what we got for the NA version. Pegasus fantasy is epic in its own right too... I probably should have put that bit in the sound section, but I'm too lazy >_> Anyway if you like battle shonen titles, or better yet a fan of Saint Seiya already this is definitely worth a watch. 

6/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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