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Cyber City Oedo 808

May 22, 2012

Can't believe theres not a review for this here, anyway this is one of my personal favourites, beacuse it just has a lot of what I like it anime and ofcourse Yoshiaki Kawajiri characters and violence.

Story- Okay so the story is set in the future and it revolves around these 3 criminals who have VERY low chance for parole, but they have some unique skills. So what happens is that if these guys do what the government tells them to, they can reduce the amount of years on their sentence. There are 3 episodes and each focuses on one of our main characters. I really enjoyed the first 2 eps, but I though the third was a bit lacking and trying too hard to be actually good, instead of a fun gore-fest, with a somehat understable plot. Atleast it had a robotic panther that shot lasers from its mouth...

Animation- If your a fan of such works like Vampire Hunter D, Ninja Scroll, Highlander and Demon City Shinjuku, you know what to expect. Very detailed character designs, fluid animation and lots of great action scenes.

Sound- The OST has a very 80's feel and if you don't like 80's music you are not going to like this very much. The version I watched was the U.K version and apparantly it has a different sountrack and the opening theme just kicks ass.

Characters- Well like I mentioned there are 3 main chars Sengoku, Merill and Gabimaru (it's okay I couldn't take him seriously either with a name like that). Each of the episodes focuses one of these guys and I think they use their run-time efficiently. Personally I think Merill's ep and development was kind of weak, but aside from that they are your typical anti-hero guys with hearts of gold.

Overall- A very fun 3 episode OVA. Not something you should take very seriously. Just watch and enjoy and obviously if your not into violence, cyberpunk and explosions and what not, your probably not going to find this very entertaining.

7.5/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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