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Skull Man

May 12, 2012

I was really surpised there wasn't already a review for this, considering the studio that made it and the premise for the show. It kind of feels like what Darker than Black might have been if it took a more subtle and darker(pun intended) tone... well until the end. In a way I guess the ending was fitting for this series, but it also felt a little too silly/ideal

Story- The story is mystery at heart, but there is a lot of great action and good char development that you can expect from a Bones series. The main premise is a reporter named Hayato is investigation a series of murders that seem to all connect to this mysterious figure called the "Skull Man" and ofcourse all of this just happens to be occuring in the town that he grew up in. So as you can tell the story is a little cliche, but I don't think it really takes away from the the depth of the mystery. Like I said earlier, its sort of what Darker than Black would be if it took a darker and subte tone. Oh yeah and cyborg clowns. 

Animation- The animation here is fluid and functional. The colours seem a little washed out at times, but I think it fits the atmosphere of the show. The char designs kind of feel like a cross between Baccano and Darker than black. Its like they were going for that oldschool american gangster look, but wanted to keep it modern so they met half way. The actions scenes are very well done as you would expect from Bones and the design for Skull man just looks pure awesome.

Sound- Opening and ending themes are quite nice (I actually liked the english opening better) The voice acting is handled well in the Japanese dub that I saw. The BGM is fitting for this, although I didn't really find it all that memorable.

Characters- The characters all have their roles as the mystery begins to unfold. The relationship between Hayato and Kiriko,a female photographer who soon becomes his partner for the investigation is nice and light hearted. The Police officer who kind of acts like a sub-antognist is also very likable, I don't really want to reveal any of the other chars to avoid spoilers, but they are all decently developed. Oh and did I mention cyborg clowns?

Overall- A very enthralling mystery and also a great action series. Definetly a very underrated and underwatched series by the great studio Bones. So why is the score relatively low? Theres something about this series, I can't quite put my finger on... but its sort of a little lazy in a way. Its not really something thats sticks out in a particular category... but its just kind of like this lingering feeling. Compared to something like Darker than Black, X'amd and Wolf's rain where you really feel like the creators put their heart and soul into it. Maybe it was just some weird thing that I thought and other people don't feel the same. Don't let this effect your decision to watch this show though, its deffinetly worth a watch if your a fan of the studio and liked DtB and something like Guyver, but less cheesy. Also cyborg clowns.

7.5/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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