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Wow.... this is probably the most disapointing sequel since Darker than Black s2... wth did they do to the series? Yeah the animation is slightly better and the colours are more vibrant but its all in vain due to the terrible loli fanservice. Honestly I don't think anyone can watch this anime without feeling like a pedophile. Needless to say the review is going to be biased, because for some bizzare reason I had my expectations high for this.

Story- Most of the time the story takes a backseat to pointless slice of life scenes like cooking shit and playing floor hockey or watching little girls change clothes or some other BS we never asked for. The main story is pretty straight forward. Nation in peril, princess gets kidnapped and Fam and her pack of lolis(which includes the princess' younger sister) must hunt her down and save the world or something like that. I liked the fact that they tried to protray different cultures (the russian, ades federation etc.) but the politics in this show just failed so hard and I couldn't really take any of these factions very seriously.

Animation-The only decent thing about this show. Yeah it looks nice and the CG blends in well... not much else to say.

Sound- I didn't find the op or ed themes particularly memorable and the OST music doesn't stand out at all.

Characters- I fucking hate these characters... Every single character in this fucking show is useless except for the antagonist(Luscininia). Fam is the most stupid annoying naive loli ever. Shes over confident and always gets things her way. Giselle is the most boring character ever, its like shes even bored of herself and this stupid show so she always keeps her eyes half closed. Princess Millia... wth atleast she has a little bit of development throughout the series unlike Fam... even her name sounds stupid. WTH is with these characters names anyway? Who came up with this stuff? Fan Fan Fam? Turan Millia il Vech Cutrettola, Liliana il Grazioso Merlo Turan? Félicité, René and Adele Collette? Its like they decided to choose the most needlessly complicated names so we get distracted to how badly this anime sucks.

Overall- Yes I know biased review is biased, this would have certainly gotten a higher score if I just viewed it from as a stand alone anime, but this anime really presses on the fact that its a sequel. With returning character and an entire fucking recap episode of the last season (they even use the awesome opening of the last season). Yeah I just plain hated this and I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone who enjoyed the first season.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
4/10 sound
2/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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Philemon Sep 27, 2013

Agreed. Stand alone, it might have gotten less scathing criticism... But as Last Exile's sequel... well, I wanted to cry. T-T They took out the cool characters, the politics, and even didn't bother to explore the unique world setting, which has obviously changed a bit from the first series. So disappointed...

animeplanet0 May 22, 2013

@babylove7899: this show has a few unnecessary upskirt scenes, plus a few others where she's stripping. Sexualized? No. Fanservice? Yes. The girls do look like children, as well.

On that note, this series was shit. Last Exile was released nearly 10 years earlier and it looks better and the story was infinitely better. Fam was a massive disappointment and I'm glad there are more people who realized this than there are people who think this show is amazing. Just the art/art quality in this show is generally a joke, especially considering that this isn't something made back in the late 90s/early 2000s!

keero16 Sep 11, 2012

This review made me laugh so hard. It hit the nail on the head. I've only seen one episode and I knew right from the start it was going to be soooooo much worse than the original Last Exile. The loli thing is absolutely correct. Why are all the characters girls? And why do they all have to look like they're 8? And for goodness sakes, the FIRST SCENE in the FIRST EPISODE has Fam stripping for everyone. Nobody wants to see that! I also completely agree with your views on the soundtrack and the story. Such a waste of an anime.

babylove7899 Jun 13, 2012

I don't know how you can ever say this show is loli! Moe, yes. It is cutesie and I realize that moe (cuteness) is something people either get into or don't. Being a girl, I like stuffed animals and puppies, etc. So, moe is fine with me. Loli though, definition: Sexualization of female children, is not moe. You have your definitions crossed. First off, Fam is 16 years old. If that's loli, so is the Twilight Saga. Secondly, there was no sexualization of Fam, AT ALL!!! I've seen worse in Naruto and that is a shonen anime!!! I wouldn't say anything at all, because you have a right to your opinion, except that I feel you are severely misleading your review readers by suggesting this show at all sexualizes children. That's fine, you don't like it. I don't care, but be honest about the shows content, or at least read up on your definitions before classifying a show in a false catagory