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Apr 19, 2012

I had really high hopes for this anime when it first came out, because it looked like the first good horror/thriller/mystery/suspense/psychological anime that took itself seriously that has come out in a long time. I mean Mirrai Nikki was around, but man that anime was silly as hell. The first episode was very good and set this up quite well but the rest of this anime didn't quite meet my expectations.

*Spoilers ahead*


Okay so the story of this anime is that theres a curse in their town that kills kids in the 3rd 9th grade class, because of some thing that happened 30 years ago and ofcourse no one has ever reported this to the police and its never been brought to the attention of the government, hell I don't even think anyone made a youtube video of it. Well yeah our main char Sakaki was born in this town and returns just in time to win the coveted prize of being in the cursed class! The people who are in charge of telling him about this, have some BS reason for not telling him in the first place and chaos ensues. The eerie atmosphere it created sometimes was nice as well as the red herrings, but the bad really outweighs the good. Did I mention you can avoid this curse by skipping town? Yeah and like half the class do that, which obviously doesn't mean that whoever is left in the other half of the class is that much more likely to be killed >_> There are quite a few plot holes in this anime and they are given pretty poor explanations or none at all(apparantly fire in this anime produces no smoke and people can just escape flaming buildings unscathed) Also the money grab fan service beach episode that is so obviously shoehorned in... don't forget to bring your school swisuit Misaki. The ending was also a dissapointment and felt kind of rushed.


The animation is not that bad, I kind of feel like its a little too bright at times, but the colors are dark and toned down for the most part. This show could have used much more of the "dream sequences" that Sakaki had and also the doll imagry was nice and kind of creepy, it kinda stopped halfway through though, idk why.  The backgrounds are pretty detailed and char designs look okay, I would prefer a more realistic char design for this kind of anime though.


Ali Project themes are cool, but dam theres a ton of them now and they all kind of sound the same. My personal fave would probably have to be the ed theme for .hack//roots. This... is probably my least favourite. Sounds kind of overly autotuned and needs more actual intsruments. The ed was forgettable at best. The the BGM is not bad but not really great either, my fav piece would have be the one that plays during the previews.


I didn't give 2 shits about the characters of this anime... Sakaki is just so frikin generic and boring, the only interesting thing about him is that he seems to like H.P Lovecraft novels but that doesn't show in his personality at all. Misaki has no fucking emotions... she might as well be a dolll, which I guess they were going for, but its pretty frikin hard to sympathyze with a char who always speaks monotone and never changes expression... The other chars get little to no development in this anime before they're killed off Final Destination style.


The current anime indtustry fails hard at making horror/thriller/suspense/psychological anime. Why the hell did Satoshi Kon have to die and not the guy who created this shit? There was still awesome stuff like Lain, Boogiepop Phantom, Monster, Kino's Journey etc. but Kon's stuff will always be immortalized in my mind.

R.I.P Satoshi Kon the anime industry will miss you

4/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall

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punkgrl326 Aug 19, 2012

I totally agree with this review. I understand what neverfall is getting at, but showing the pitfalls of human nature is such an overdone theme, and there are other series out there that pull it off way better than Another did. Man, it felt like I was watching a funeral the entire time and the characters had such flat personalities that you ended up not caring when they died either way. At least the death scenes were kinda cool.

thomiozo Jul 29, 2012

*(minor spoilers ahead)*

great review, totally agree.

a rural town that would have 5-20 unexplained deads ever few years for 40 years would be abandoned in real life. also, it's realy dissapointing that things are rarely explained (why did that happen?; the curse(why did he do that?; the curse)) why does a remote hotel have a PA system??? 

 to many plot holes and they lazily plugged half of them with "curse in omnipotent"

blackbutler42 May 7, 2012

I liked this anime, but i do agree, the ending did feel rushed.

chii Apr 28, 2012

Great review!

neverafall Apr 21, 2012

Obviously, you're not a very deep person.

This anime wasn't only about horror and suspense. There was more of a meaning to it. The whole lesson learnt from this anime is that people are driven to do crazy things that you wouldn't even think of when it comes to their own lives. No matter how mean or nice anybody is, inside, we're all so selfish as to even kill friends and people we know for the sake of protecting ourselves. It just shows how self-conceited and unfeeling we truly are. Also, it showed that its hard to believe the downright truth. In the end, he had to even kill his aunt. I mean, sure she was the extra person and all, but she was still his aunt once upon a time and even so, he had to kill her. Also, accepting that fact that were all gonna die one day. I don't know... Sounds pretty meaningful to me. Anime isn't only supposed to please people's ideals. The really best anime are the ones that reach out to people.