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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? What is this odd thing that everyone seems to be crazy about nowadays? An anime thats based on a manga that was written in the 80's it must be some ridiculously boring shit right? This couldn't possibly be as great or entetaining as people are hyping it to be right? WRONG... okay well maybe not in all cases. Honestly I guess it depends, on your mindset and willingness to suspend your disbelief and watch something for the sake of enjoyment. I guess the question comes down to, do you actually enjoy watching anime? Is it something that genuinely brings joy to your life? If the answer is yes then this is the anime for you. Oh and ladies don't let the extreme amounts of testosterone and badassery discourage you, as said by Yukimura from Haganai "Real manliness transcends your biological sex". I'll admit I'm a total fanboy of the series now, and honestly after watching all of this series and going through all of its craziness and surviving it's hard not to be.


Story- The first season of Jojo covers the first two parts. The first part takes place in 19th Century England and the 2nd Part occurs in the 20th century in several differen't locaitions around the world, mainly New York, Mexico and Italy. The plot for each part is not at all complicated, pretty much the main goal is to defeat the big bad at the end after taking on a bunch of his goons. Where Jojo shines is in the execution. Everything in this anime is completely over the top, from the character designs, to the delivery of the lines and ofcourse the ridiculous events that take place during the story. Our heroes may be fighting a cyborg nazi in one episode and then in a plane full of piranhas (no I'm not making this up) in the next. They were not kidding around about the "Bizarre Adventure" part. It's really just insane stuff happening in this anime and while much of it is given a lot of exposition such as how certain characters powers work, much of it you will simply have to accept and this becomes much easier to do as the series goes on and continues into Part 2. Speaking of which the plot (and pretty much everyting else) of Part 2 is signifacntly better than Part 1, there are many more twists and turns and even more crazy stuff happening, so if your really on the fence about this anime, I highly suggest atleast watching unti lthe begining of Part 2. One of the great and original things about this anime is that all the parts are obviously interconnected and the idea of following characters from different generations of the same family is still an awesome and unique idea to this day.

Animation- My buzz-saw top hat goes off to David Production for keeping the char designs loyal to the manga, yet modernizing them so they don't seem odd and outdated. I felt that the female char designs looked a little too masculine at first, but honestly I'm tired of looking at girls that look like anorexic fairies and odd blob creatures. BRING THE MANLY WOMEN (they do start looking more feminine in Part 2 though)! Obviously the men are all muscular as all hell, as to be expected from an 80's shounen series. I guess it makes sense considering these guys are just punching peoples faces off and what not. The animation itself is very smooth and fluid, which is a great accomplishment considering how detailed the char designs is. The colors also sometimes change during tense moments in the anime which gives it a great retro effect, as if this anime wasn't retro enough.

Sound- The Op theme for both parts are just phenomenal, I found myself singing a long almost every time and certainly during the more intense episodes. I swear they must have written the songs and the 80's and just decided to record them for the anime now. The ed theme is "Roundabout" by a 1970's american band called Yes! and its the best thing ever and I'm glad they didn't change it for part 2. More people seriously need to appreciate oldschool music and stop listening to all this new garbage... like what was that called? dubstep? Psyche! Theres Dubstep in the OST and its glorious and honestly I'm one of those guys that doesn't even like it and I thought it was fantastic here. The OST in general is just amazing, but like most thing in this anime it's more impressive in Part 2. NOW LETS TALK ABOUT THE VOICE ACTING. I won't use caps in order to spare your eyes, but I imagine thats what all their scrips look considering the actors do not simply speak, but yell their lines and might I add very enthousiastically at that. Everything to explaining wtf is going on to spouting odd battle cries. Now while this sounds like it might might get obnoxious fast, you actually get used to it quite quickly and it simply reinforces the over-the-top nature of the show.

Characters- As I mentioned before the show has a differen't main character for every part and the two main characters for the first two parts are Jonathon and Joseph Joestar. Jonation is the son of a wealthy father and I can't get much into Josheph's past without going into spoiler territory. In both parts there are several supporting characters and while in Part 1 I'd have to say they were much more one-dimensional this is corrected in Part 2 with the main character being much more interesting as well. Jonathon is more of your classic lawful good hero, while Joseph is much more of a smart-aleck and even likes to play mind games with his opponents. The villains of each series deserve mention as well. Dio is freakin' boss... literally. He starts out as a poor kid with a hopeless father and manipulates his way up. While Cars is the WUBTIMATE BEING... trust me it will make sense when you get there, but essentialy hes a slimier and more ambitious Dio. Oh and don't forget our favorite narrator and owner of afore-mentioned buzz saw top-hat Seedwagon! Gotta love the naming in this series. Speaking of which if you think it's all random nonsense you would be wrong, as most of the names in Jojo are inspired by western musicians.

Overall- Honestly what else can I say to make people watch this? Do you have blood in your veins? Go watch Jojo! Seriosuly though, when this anime first aired I had no idea what I was getting into. Lately I've just been feeling like I haven't been able to "connect" with modern anime, even though I pick up a bunch of series every season and while I may really enjoy one or two a great deal, nothing really quite gets me like Jojo. Jojo makes me fee like Im 9 years old again watching Dragon Ball Z. No Naruto, One Piece or Bleach could ever do that to me. I laughed at all the ridiculousness of the show and ofcourse when they were actually going for comedy. I was genuinely surprised at some of the intresting and unique twists that this anime pulls off and I'm not ashamed to admit that I shed manly tears during the few emotional moments in this anime. Jojo reminded me why I love anime in the first place and for that it earns it's place among my other 10's . I'd like to thank David Production for introducing and adapting this series for a whole new generation of fans (including me). When this anime ended I felt like I lost a huge part of what made my life more enjoyable. Until then I and undoubetly many Jojo fans everywhere will wait with throbbing hearts as if aflame, courage running through our veins,  Bravely embracing our destinies to witness the fate of blood that befalls the next JooooooooooooooooooooooooooJo! (sry coudn't restist :P)

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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