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Lets introduce myself... i am a boy from Austria and i am 18 years old...

all i can say i just love to watch animes... and yes... what can i tell you more...

if you want to talk to me just leave a comment or add me to icq..

nice greeez... ;)

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Cfos Apr 12, 2009

:O:O freut mich das er dir gefällt, man kann sagen was man will, aber ef is einfach genial, auch wenn mir die 2. season nicht ganz so gut gefallen hat, aba einiges aus der 1. season wird dann noch klarer^^

Musst mir dann sagen wie dir Clannad gefällt...kann ned wirklich sagen ob der anime deinem geschmack entsprechen würde^^

Jedenfalls viel spaß und frohe ostern:D

Cfos Apr 6, 2009

Freut mich das dir SChool days gefallen hat:D^^, mir hats eig auch gut gefallen...bis auf das ende^^

Timothy Apr 5, 2009

Hey, if U haven't started to read GTO manga better don't!  Exclude the ones with pre history - "Earlier years" and "Bad Company". There is another 5 OVA's of GTo earlier years - "Shonan Jumai gumi" i think it was called that way, try it out... ;)

Timothy Mar 30, 2009

Hey... U asked earlier about "Kimi ga ..." whatever... To be mo specific... If U like romantic dramas than i recommend U - "5 centimeters per second", "Bokura ga ita", "Ef - a tale of melodies" (First U have to see "Ef - a tale of memories" to be introduced more with some characters...(Amazing drawing in this one)), i don't remember but I think "Final approach" also had sad ending... Mmmm, what else... oh, almost forgot, one of the best - "School days"! Than U alse can check on "Peach Girl" and "Romeo x Juliet" but those two wasn't so good i guess...

Well, and if U like more about real life, U should check on "Great Teacher Onizuka" and "Beck". Those two probably are the best anime I ever saw.

2MA Mar 26, 2009

hey, you asked if there is any anime as emotional as kimi ga, nope it is as unique as it gets in emotional department, there are tons of romance anime but only one that i can think of as coming close is elfen lied, which you already have seen. And by the way kimi ga did not have a happy ending, they actually seperated and never got back together. If you want a really good romance anime you can go through my list, most I watch is romance anyways. As far as emotional i have came through a few that are, but issue is you really won't like the characters as much as you did from elfen lied and kimi ga, same amount of episodes but if you want give "saikano" a try, not sure if you will like it, I personaly did not think it was that good but it is very emotional with romance, GL and ask me any question anytime. i will be happy to help.