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ThePatches is chii*

Greetings, Anime-Planet denizens. I am one of the site reviewers and character moderators here on the site. So, if you're looking for opinion, look somewhere else: I am always right... Ok, I kid.

I came to anime years ago in a friend's basement and have had a strange obsession with the twisted artform ever since. In the wake of my first conventions at a very advanced age for that kind of thing (26), my real fandom started to take shape and I eventually found my way here. Since Bubblegum Crisis and Dragonball Z, my tastes have gravitated more towards high school and comedy anime, as I generally like to laugh, but I also love sci-fi and fantasy stuff, so yeah...

Note about Ratings

I use my AP star ratings to measure my enjoyment, unlike my official reviews that reflect a (hopefully) more objective assessment. For example, I love K-On! 5/5 Stars, but I generally concur with Sheex's 7.2/10 review.

*ThePatches is a certified source of chii, but not equivalent to a daily serving.


You should check out CubeWatermelon's site, Kiwi Blitz. It's keen (and her art is "tight").

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gleipnir says...

Hello! I was wondering if you might be willing to take a look at my reviews and see if you'd consider them site-reviewer quality or if you had any tips for improving them (if it's not too much trouble).


Mar 22, 2012
horandago says...

Thank you for a mature reply.

I just want to let you know that even though you like to share your opinions, you may not realise how they may offend people. You can always speak your mind but there are at least nicer ways to portray them.

All the best

Mar 14, 2012
VivisQueen says...

You're a beautiful darling who flatters me too much. :) xxx

Feb 22, 2012
JAhU says...

The parts of description in Kaibutsu Oujo I was reffering to was anime only thing. It's not like it's outright denied by the manga, it's just it's something you can't find in the manga at all. For instance, Sawawa is a really minor character in the manga and she is definitelly never show being approached by men or spending time at the bakery. Speaking of which Master is an anime only character, yet now he is listed among the manga ones as well (at least I don't remember him appearing in the manga even once).

Feb 9, 2012
wanryavka says...

I'm bored and haven't heard from you in a while...  how ya been?

Jan 31, 2012