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ThePatches is chii*

Greetings, Anime-Planet denizens. I am one of the site reviewers and character moderators here on the site. So, if you're looking for opinion, look somewhere else: I am always right... Ok, I kid.

I came to anime years ago in a friend's basement and have had a strange obsession with the twisted artform ever since. In the wake of my first conventions at a very advanced age for that kind of thing (26), my real fandom started to take shape and I eventually found my way here. Since Bubblegum Crisis and Dragonball Z, my tastes have gravitated more towards high school and comedy anime, as I generally like to laugh, but I also love sci-fi and fantasy stuff, so yeah...

Some Site Stuff

We are always looking for more site reviewers and character moderators, so please, show off. Character moderation is possible for anyone who can consistently follow the rules set in the Submission Guidelines and loves the site.

Site reviewership on the other hand has a higher bar. The 'Reviewer Drive' thread has lapsed into disuse, as the person in charge of it can no longer fill that role, but it doesn't mean that we're not interested. Write two reviews in SITE FORMAT in your 'User Reviews' section and direct me to look at them. Fair warning: We are looking for someone with a college-level facility with the English language and good analytical skills. Our reviews are one of the best features about Anime-Planet, so we're interested in maintaing their quality. BUT, if you think you're up to the challenge, don't hesitate to take it on.

Note about Ratings

I use my AP star ratings to measure my enjoyment, unlike my official reviews that reflect a (hopefully) more objective assessment. For example, I love K-On! 5/5 Stars, but I generally concur with Sheex's 7.2/10 review.

*ThePatches is a certified source of chii, but not equivalent to a daily serving.


You should check out CubeWatermelon's site, Kiwi Blitz. It's keen (and her art is "tight").

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blazehack says...

Hay ThePatches san, can you add a watched stat for Goulart Knights Evoked The Beginning Black, A OVA with a single episode ? I asked Sothis few days ago to do it if possible but sadly I haven't seen her responding to any of the comments posted in her page :(

Sep 12, 2012
DuckPhlegm says...

Hey there! I know you dont know me but I just wanted to show some appreciation for the great reviews you done! They're very well written and have helped me a lot in finding newer animes I may enjoy.

Sep 7, 2012
Aly7 says...

hi there! :)

i'm looking for a anime with some good romance. i'm thinking along the lines of anohana. loss, frienship - all that good stuff. i've never really found a anime as good at that one and have pretty much been on the look out ever since. any great recs would be appreciated! :)

(or any other fantastic anime you have watched would be great since i'm totally at a loss here as to what to go for).

Aug 24, 2012
AirCommodore says...

You like Chuchu?! Blegh.

Has Nanami been introduced yet? She's probably my favorite character in all of anime <3

Aug 23, 2012
SeiyaManG says...

Just dropping in to let you know your Nisemonogatari review was absolutely on point. I loved Bakemonogatari, but Nise really took away a lot of what made the show great and instead degenerated into shameless fanservice that was sometimes even borderline incestous.

I recommended tons of people who don't usually watch romance or dialogue heavy anime watch Bakemonogatari, but I couldn't in good faith ever recommend its sequel without lengthy and awkward explanations.

On a personal note, that's not to say I didn't absolutely love the show despite everything in my head telling me there's something wrong with me for doing so.

Anyway, great review.

Aug 1, 2012