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JAhU Feb 9, 2012

The parts of description in Kaibutsu Oujo I was reffering to was anime only thing. It's not like it's outright denied by the manga, it's just it's something you can't find in the manga at all. For instance, Sawawa is a really minor character in the manga and she is definitelly never show being approached by men or spending time at the bakery. Speaking of which Master is an anime only character, yet now he is listed among the manga ones as well (at least I don't remember him appearing in the manga even once).

wanryavka Jan 31, 2012

I'm bored and haven't heard from you in a while...  how ya been?

Squatso Jan 29, 2012

Thanks Patches, I definitely plan on checking Working!! out at some point. My backlog is a real beast at the moment, but then again, I always need a good SoL comedy every so often. Thanks for the response!

Raux Jan 27, 2012

Thank you very much.

I am grateful for the advice, and the critiques. I understand what you mean regarding the vague assurances of qualtiy, and i will work on that aspect of my writing. I will continue to read and analyse my favorite review authors in order to perfect my reviews. thank you again for reviewing my entry. Although i do have some college experience i will admit that my writing education is lacking. i will get better, and i will apply again once i feel my skill has risen a notch or two.

Raux Jan 24, 2012

Hello patches, i read on your profile, and was relieved to see information on posting an official review. could you possibly take a look at my review of Steins;gate and see how you like it? I noticed that no one has posted an official review yet. If it's not up to par, that's fine. but i would like some input on what you thought, or on any additions you find necessary. If you could do that, i would be very, very grateful. When you said to post two reviews, i was unsure of what you meant. having at least two reviews under your belt, or having two copies of your review present. If it's in reference to copies of the same review, i will gladly see if i can do that. If not. I do have more than two reviews under my belt. I'm not quite sure what SITE FORMAT means. But i assumed it was using the ratings system. Thank you for your time. please let me know what you think