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SeiyaManG says...

Just dropping in to let you know your Nisemonogatari review was absolutely on point. I loved Bakemonogatari, but Nise really took away a lot of what made the show great and instead degenerated into shameless fanservice that was sometimes even borderline incestous.

I recommended tons of people who don't usually watch romance or dialogue heavy anime watch Bakemonogatari, but I couldn't in good faith ever recommend its sequel without lengthy and awkward explanations.

On a personal note, that's not to say I didn't absolutely love the show despite everything in my head telling me there's something wrong with me for doing so.

Anyway, great review.

Aug 1, 2012
frowinters says...

Hey, I saw waht kind of anime's you had seen there are a lot anime's wich i have seen to.

To bad they stopped with bleach don't you think?

Jul 21, 2012
folie says...

It is a nice anime but they pulled it too far , made the development way too slow.

Jul 6, 2012
SoulE says...

Funniest/most agreeable reviewer. Keep em' coming!

Jun 21, 2012
SinaAzad says...

im glad you read the comments :)

so redline is that good !? i looked at its page , it still doesnt have picture ... but if u say so , ill watch it !

Jun 16, 2012