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Cek Sep 17, 2012

Yo, thanks for the response. I always appreciate such courtesies. Yeah, I've read a few of your posts over at Altair & Vega and left some comments here and there, I go by alsozara in the blogosphere.

I see over on what about the waifuz that you were thinking of writing a post on the problematic elements of Revolutionary Girl Utena. I've finally gotten round to watching it recently (am 10 episodes off the end), so I'd be very interested to see that post if it does come to fruition.

Ever since E Minor over at Moe Sucks (great blog, check it out if you haven't already) opened my eyes to gender issues in anime, it's a lens I just can't drop. Like you said in that arrow of female hysteria entry, it cannot be unseen, so I've found myself spending a lot of time exploring feminism and gender portrayal in anime recently, it's great to see writers like you writing about these issues, it's damn interesting, and it's amazing how blind people seem to be to it.

blazehack Sep 12, 2012

Guess it can't be helped ^_^ Well no worries ThePatches san :D

blazehack Sep 12, 2012

Hay ThePatches san, can you add a watched stat for Goulart Knights Evoked The Beginning Black, A OVA with a single episode ? I asked Sothis few days ago to do it if possible but sadly I haven't seen her responding to any of the comments posted in her page :(

DuckPhlegm Sep 7, 2012

Hey there! I know you dont know me but I just wanted to show some appreciation for the great reviews you done! They're very well written and have helped me a lot in finding newer animes I may enjoy.

Aly7 Aug 24, 2012

hi there! :)

i'm looking for a anime with some good romance. i'm thinking along the lines of anohana. loss, frienship - all that good stuff. i've never really found a anime as good at that one and have pretty much been on the look out ever since. any great recs would be appreciated! :)

(or any other fantastic anime you have watched would be great since i'm totally at a loss here as to what to go for).