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Watch More Bad Anime

14 AUG

Don't get me wrong, the AniRec engine is brilliant, invaluable, and well-implemented, but I worry that it risks overloading newcomers with "good" anime and engendering elitism. There was a time when you watched whatever you could get your hands on because the market outside of Japan was limited. During this period, I think I grew to appreciate camp, novelty, and feeling like a bit of an outcast.

I think this stuff is important. I remember renting Raven Tengu Kabuto and MD Geist because we hadn't seen them yet (reason enough, given the limited collection at the video store). These OVA were awful, but watching them built community and friendship and helps me appreciate good shows when I come across them.

This isn't about hazing, or being grouchy. I just think that if you start with the best stuff the genre has to offer all that comes later is disappointment. I would recommend that new fans try to limit their consumption of "classics" or "best" anime so that the "good" stuff won't appear merely average. Anime is a fandom about obsession and appreciation. If you develop a discerning taste too early, you're missing out on a lot of the fun.

And besides, I love the fact that the sentence, "I... AM... DEVILMAN!" makes me giggle.

EDIT: Short version: Be more like chii.

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Zakiel avatar Zakiel
Sep 19, 2009

I would never and will never.

KiraRin avatar KiraRin
Sep 12, 2009

You need to watch some really bad anime and practice your review ranting. Hanappe Bazooka would be a good one :P

Lots of (bad) fan service, a terrible storyline and dreadful anime. You'll love it :)


babyeinstein12 avatar babyeinstein12
Aug 18, 2009

Oooh, good point. Where to start, though? Maybe an ecchi would be good, because it seems like one of those genres that critics just pounce on.

Funkgun avatar Funkgun
Aug 15, 2009

God, this should be writen in stone for posterity, 

chii avatar chii
Aug 14, 2009

I love watching bad anime XD

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