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about me

-Being Human. (UK)
-Dr. Who.
-Loki's Army. ;D
-Breaking Bad.
-Game of Thrones.
-True Blood.
-The Walking Dead.
-Big Bang Theory.
-Vampires, preferably not the gay ones.
-The Walking Dead.

More interesting things about me?
-I used to make fanvids. x3
-I love to cook.
-We have two gardens? XD
-I was born and raised in the south, that doesn't mean I'm a racist plantation owner who sits back drinking sweet tea while talking like Paula Deen and cooking fattening shit. I mean, come on. It's 2012.
-I'm a Leo, not that it matters. I just like to say I'm a lion. XD!
-I have a lot of OCs that I love very much.
-I give art to people who donate to me. [:
-I love music.
-I have blonde hair!?!?
-I guess you can tell that I'm random as fuck.
-I live with my aunt and two cousins. [:
-I have a lot of best friends. o:!
-I'm an only child, besides Dee. X3 She's my adopted sister/lover/husband/wife/I don't even know, so don't ask.
-I get depressed really easily.

Okay, so I realized none of this is interesting, feel free to skip over it. x3.

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Dario97 avatar Dario97


Apr 28, 2012

Hi :D Welcome to A-P :) Enjoy your stay ^_^ Nice bio xD

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