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Hello Everyone! My Name Is Thomas Dean Weisman; I'm actually 16 Year's old, not 21! I merely put 21, so I wouldn't be blocked from any content that you would purely be able to access beyond the age of 18! Anyhow, I joined this site for various reasons; One: I wanted to see what other Anime, I could get into, merely because the only Anime I watch is Bleach! Two:I am going to create my own Manga, and I would love to have the support of people, and maybe actually get some people to follow me, and become a fan of my work. For now, the only information I'm going to release, is That the name of the Manga is: The Monster Inside. The Monster Inside, introduces a new race called the Extractors. The Extractors have the ability to create any weapon out of thin air; however, that isn't necessarily true. Like most races, (at least not the sexual ones), Extractors wear clothes, but behind their clothes, is a hole. This hole actually represents what family they are of, what position they will be put in, and so on. Before I go on, I said position, well, Extractors have certain family last names, and unlike us Humans, there are only about 10 last names, maybe more will be created later on any ways, the Last name of The Extractor fathers' name, and where the hole is on the Extractor child, depends what he/she will be. For Instance, the main Character's father is A Kurosaki, which is one of the two leading family names. So since the childs last name is Kurosaki, he will become a very powerful Warrior, Gladiator, or Soldier. I have things to do right now, and all I have said will be said in the Manga, and the book. I'm a struggling Artist, and I'm learning how to draw Manga; I'm good at it though! On the other hand, I'm an expert at writing, (this is an exception). The book will probably be released before the Manga, sorry.

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