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"Anime Beginnings"

The anime experience started when I had a younger mind.

Watching Toonami as I got home from school

I seem to have put that memory behind

As I develop into an otaku fool


Once an anime has been seen

The next days to come go super slow

Like a throne occupied by an evil queen

In a few days, I'll be over it though


Often I feel as if I've see it all

Once in awhile I'll be taken by surprise

I thought the anime world was kind of small

But it appears I have yet to adventure the entire size

"A Tale of Manga"

It started after a crazy tale

The pages went by like a giant sale

Going as fast as a dream that just ended

Everything in these chaps are simply splended


It's been a few years and I've read many

Find better ones like a shiny new penny

The manga world has much to give

I hope to read and don't outlive


A good action will keep me busy

Fights so big they will make you dizzy

That's not to say I don't like other types

Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, I have no gripes


To this very day I have read few that I hated

Most I thank for having been created

Never regret when they end

Onto the next one, friend

"In Anything Really"

I don't look for a meaning

To me, it's quite demeaing

Watch it for the fun story

And enjoy it in all it's glory

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Berserk                                                                        Air Gear (c)

One Piece                                                                            Gantz

Vinland Saga                                                                  Vagabond

Psyren (c)                                                               Homunculus (c)

Bakuman (c)                                                                  Gunnm (c)

Akumetsu (c)                                               Nausicaa and tVotW (c)

Ares (c)                                                                         Suzuka (c)

Kurohime (c)                                                   Shin Angyo Onishi (c)

20th Century Boys(c)                                                Change 123 (c)

The Breaker (c)                                                               Veritas (c)

Zetman                                                                             GTO (c)

Eden: It's an Endless World (c)                                             Historie

Dorohedoro                                                                  Mushishi (c)

Solanin (c)                                                           Shingeki No Kyojin

Parasyte (c)                                                                  Planetes (c)


Noblesse                                                        Annarasumanara (c)

Knight Run                                                 The God of High School

Magician                                                            Song of the Cloud

Tower of God                                                                   Trace (c)

Kiss Wood (c)                             A Fairy Tale for the Demon Lord (c)

----{Until I Change Them - Recs}----

Shuna no Tabi 

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skolnikc Nov 18, 2012

Definitely, one of the best parts about Parasyte is the relation between Shinichi and Migi.

Hah, Gintama is definitely comedy for the most part. Actually the anime is much heavier with it. The manga grew on me a little more. But that's pretty much why I read it. I figure it's good to study stories that have heavy comedy for my own writing. Stories with absolutely no comedy are so bland to me. And believe it or not there is a plot in Gintama. It's not really prevalent through most of it, but it comes out at certain points. And that's usually when the story takes a bit of a serious tone. Which I mudt admit, is done very nicely. It's not all the time, but when the story gets heavy, beautiful. It actually reminds me of Oda's style of writing at some points. Where the story will be at a really serious and climactic point, but there's still bits of well placed comedy to make it even more tear jerking. But it's definitely an aquired taste. Plus I just find the world interesting. An Edo samurai period in Japan with invading aliens. Hah, I enjoy shit like that for some reason. And as far as the Magi anime. It looks really cool. But I  watched some reviews on it and noticed that by episode 5 they were already ahead of me while I was on like chapter 12. So they definitely cut a lot out in the anime. I've heard really good things about it, but I'm already invested in the manga. I have a hard time getting myself to watch the anime I'm already watching.You'll like it I think. It gets really dark at parts actually, then Aladin is just fucking enjoyable. He makes me laugh every single chapter.

I will definitely agree with you on the 0 squad needing to look more intense. I enjoy the character designs just because they're different from the usual. But at least a few of them need to look intimidating, or have some scars or some shit. It's weird when they all look goofy. Oh well, they'll be pretty cool in action probably. Toriko has pretty much been set up for a while, so you didn't miss anything crazy. Just this new arc starting. It should definitely be a good arc though. Better than the 4 beasts which was cool, but some parts were kind of weird. I am now reading volumes of Berserk at a time and not even realizing it. Holy shit. I know I bring it up a lot, but it's just ridiculous. I really like the crew that's being formed. I definitely worry for them though. It is Berserk after all. And I mentioned Green Blood before. It's really really good. But do what you planned on doing and wait for it to catch up with the japanese releases. You're going to want to marathon it, and now I regret catching up so fast. You'll find something new to read though, just a matter of actually starting it. Which can defintely be hard at times. I usually just have shit that I want to read planned in advanced.

Janatis Nov 17, 2012

Forgot to say but if you like dogs and have some spare time you should check out Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin(Silver fang). Its made 1986 and when I was kid I did see it so many times, dubbed thou what is much better when its japanese audio. Usually dont like english dubs at all. Also after time when i grew up and started watching anime(didnt know that time this was called anime)  i noticed there was uncensored version of it and oh boy I was one happy panda :D

Little bit of story: Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin (Silver Fang) is a tale about a little puppy dog who was born in the wilderness. He has silver striped and is destined to become the defender of people from perilous cave bears; which ironically, his father, Riki was killed by Akakaboto, the most dangerous cave bears.

Loved this one. Give it a try and maybe you like it also :)



Janatis Nov 17, 2012

Okey that berserk manga sounds interesting as if I remember right first episode of that anime had like when he had come from that hell place or whatever it was called and at last episode he did get trapped in hell so no idea what happend that he did get out and what he did between that time. But I think it was kinda cool that you could use your own imagination to think what happend between that time :)

That new remake of berserk was kinda nice but ugh it looked so damn bad that I almost did quit midway of it. After some time they didn't use so much of that crappy animation (cg or icg was it?) so it did get better to watch for me anyway :) Atleast they didn't use that animation at most epic scenes, would ruin whole movie. At the end of that I kinda liked it, still liking orginal more. It had more darker feeling in my opinion.

I did watch ghost in the shell: innocence yesternight and it was awesome, they probably used so much money to make that movie but it was soooo awesome! Going to get that 2.0 movie to check that out too :)

Oh yeah I liked Mardock scramble 1 & 2 and waiting 3 to come. I really like that animation in there and those characters. I think those guys who had fetished had like one who likes eyes other who liked perfect tits and ofcourse dude named pussyhand looking perfect pussy for his hand to take care of... Funny stuff :D

Good rest evening!



Janatis Nov 16, 2012

Oh haha yeah it seem that we have almost same ratings, so cool :D

I'm getting those two animes what you mentioned. Didn't even remember there was more of ghost in the shell what is allways good!

Hmm about planetes. It's been so long time when I have seen that one, probably when I was little younger. Same with evangelion.. I think I need rewatch those shows and give them more fair rating or something :)

I usually rate anime high if I have goosebumps, good feeling inside or just nontheless weird-can't-explain feeling.

About manga i've never really liked manga for some reason but only manga what I have ever read is black lagoon 1,2 and 3 if I remember right and i liked them, usually liking to buy manga but first need some spare cash :D Maybe xxxholic as loved the anime especially ovas what showed in my opinion nice potential for more episodes but too bad can't get all wishes true. Seems like xxxholic manga gives anime more continuation what they usually do :)




skolnikc Nov 16, 2012

Dude of course Parasyte was amazing. I had it stalled forever and finally just said fuck it I need to finish it. I will say though, I enjoyed the first half much better than the later half. For some reason it seemed slightly rushed towards the end. They should have had a longer run time for the series. Hah, it actually hit me pretty hard when Migi left. For some reason I wasn't expecting that. An invading parasite that was once trying to take over Shinichi's brain became something close to a good friend. Definitely loved that aspect of it. And the last chapter surprised me, I loved how they basically summed up the message of the story and put it into one situation with strictly humans.

Hah, I just try to spread my reading space out as much as possible. It's hard as fuck now though because I always want to just read Berserk and then I neglect all the other shit I need to catch up on. I've been trying to marathon Magi and Gintama but I keep getting interupted by some shit. And now I want to catch up with Vagabond so as of now those 4 are my main focus. Trust me, if I didn't have school and people and work to deal with I'd read a lot more. Reading plus writing is all I ever really do in my free time. Everything else is just meh to me now.

Weeks always feel so empty without One Piece. I try not to be a fanboy, but it's like fuck. If the other two of the big three were half as good I'd enjoy them too. I do like the character designs for 0 squad. At least Kubo is putting some originality into them. I swear when I first saw Bach I was like, Zangetsu? Bleach characters tend to look the same. Some people were saying shit like they look like OP characters. Hah, no. But they are a step up from Bleach designs. I'm just glad ten tails is finally gonna start fucking shit up in Naruto. I try so hard to care about the series, but I just can't. Honestly just want to see some good fights. Dude, I'm going to say it. Toriko this week. Fucking chefs up the ass hole. I actually respect the fact that the author could come up with all of those character profiles for one arc. I'm looking forward to it, but what's this? Toriko on break till next year. It sadens me a bit, I must admit.