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"Anime Beginnings"

The anime experience started when I had a younger mind.

Watching Toonami as I got home from school

I seem to have put that memory behind

As I develop into an otaku fool


Once an anime has been seen

The next days to come go super slow

Like a throne occupied by an evil queen

In a few days, I'll be over it though


Often I feel as if I've see it all

Once in awhile I'll be taken by surprise

I thought the anime world was kind of small

But it appears I have yet to adventure the entire size

"A Tale of Manga"

It started after a crazy tale

The pages went by like a giant sale

Going as fast as a dream that just ended

Everything in these chaps are simply splended


It's been a few years and I've read many

Find better ones like a shiny new penny

The manga world has much to give

I hope to read and don't outlive


A good action will keep me busy

Fights so big they will make you dizzy

That's not to say I don't like other types

Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, I have no gripes


To this very day I have read few that I hated

Most I thank for having been created

Never regret when they end

Onto the next one, friend

"In Anything Really"

I don't look for a meaning

To me, it's quite demeaing

Watch it for the fun story

And enjoy it in all it's glory

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----{As the Ratings Go}----

----{Main Manga Recs}----

Berserk                                                                        Air Gear (c)

One Piece                                                                            Gantz

Vinland Saga                                                                  Vagabond

Psyren (c)                                                               Homunculus (c)

Bakuman (c)                                                                  Gunnm (c)

Akumetsu (c)                                               Nausicaa and tVotW (c)

Ares (c)                                                                         Suzuka (c)

Kurohime (c)                                                   Shin Angyo Onishi (c)

20th Century Boys(c)                                                Change 123 (c)

The Breaker (c)                                                               Veritas (c)

Zetman                                                                             GTO (c)

Eden: It's an Endless World (c)                                             Historie

Dorohedoro                                                                  Mushishi (c)

Solanin (c)                                                           Shingeki No Kyojin

Parasyte (c)                                                                  Planetes (c)


Noblesse                                                        Annarasumanara (c)

Knight Run                                                 The God of High School

Magician                                                            Song of the Cloud

Tower of God                                                                   Trace (c)

Kiss Wood (c)                             A Fairy Tale for the Demon Lord (c)

----{Until I Change Them - Recs}----

Shuna no Tabi 

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dBo0ii says...

Yeah I know what you mean, after chatting with you about Tower of God and Magician, I powered through Tower of God in 1 night and it was amazing. I feel so crap now that I have caught up I wish there was more haha.

But yeah I am now reading Magician and will check out Trace after that. If you find anymore good web-comics please let me know =P

Dec 7, 2012
MFM says...

Okay, I’ve just finished Steins;Gate.Truth be told, it wasn't my first attempt. When I first started watching anime in March, and after Death Note, I noticed this particular anime had very high rates on every website about anime so I gave it a go. Don't kill me (cause I almost want to kill myself for this) but I stopped it on the 8th episode. I felt it lacked action as everything was happening too slowly so I got bored and gave up on it. When you suggested it to me some time ago, my first thought was: "Steins;Gate again... Why does everyone love that anime?" but I put myself together and I gave it another try promising myself I'd watch all 24 episodes this time, even if I’d find myself hating it.Up until the 13th episode or so, there isn't that much action going on as they are trying to understand how it works, but after that everything just comes together and a masterpiece is born. It was amazing to say the least! I absolutely loved it and I'm not even a big fan of time traveling themes but good heavens, this anime is incredible. Thank you for involuntarily making me watch this. It would be a crime not to watch the whole thing. I'm just speechless. The suspense, the psychological stress, the drama even the romance is just... delicious!And just like that, it became one of my favorite anime. Now I get why everyone loves it. Who wouldn't? :) Hope you're doing well, I'll start Bokurano tomorrow.

Dec 6, 2012
dBo0ii says...

Actually I just started reading Tower of God and Magician and what I've read so far is amazing. Trace I think I heard about it from my friend so maybe ill have to check that out aswell.

Dec 3, 2012
skolnikc says...

Hah! It took forever for me to reply, but you'll have fun now once I flood your wall with one singal comment full of misstyped words and grammatical mistakes due to lazyness. And since you were so kind as to send me that amazing Durarara! track which I had no idea of, I'll send you something to listen to while you read, although I'm sure you;ve heard what I'm gonna send you before.

I honestly had no idea Durarara! had such a good soundtrack. Definitely going to add a shit ton of these OST to my manga music playlist. Let me know if you find any good anime though, I'd actually like to start watching ONE series ever so offten. Hah, I don't think I could stand anymore than that though. OP and HXH are enough. I started watching Btooom, I enjoyed watching it. But I still dropped it for some reason. I heard the manga was better anyways.

Seriously though! I actually thought the purpose of an OVA was to be short, but I was dead ass wrong apparently. I'll need to have some speacial free time to sit down and start LOGH. And as far as Champloo, a lot of people say that about the ending, I loved it myself. Very simple. The all literally just walk on their sperate paths in the end. I just enjoyed it because most series especially anime make it seems like the characters have to live together forever. But the three of them go off on their own in the end. I do think the series could have been tad longer though, then again I say that shit about everything I like. Black Lagoon and Gungrave, both fucking amazing. I hear som much shit about Gungrave, and I just don't get how some people don't get it. The characters were amazing. And the action was very interesting, definitely far from cookie cutter. And of course everyone loves Black Lagoon, it's hard not to though. And speaking of Cartoon network related topics, bringing back Toonami. And right away they put Bleach and Naruto on it. Yeah, what's that say about the OP fanbase in America. Psh, that might be part of the reason I have such a grudge against Naruto. They sell volumes at walmart, the fuck.

Hah, I look up most of the names though. It would be impossible for me to remember all of the characters I've seen. Although there are plenty of characters I could never forget the name of. Interesting though, people usually fangasm over Baccano! I think Baccano could have done a little more to explain certain things, but the characters and the style of the story were just really catching to me. The ending weirded me out though. It was left weirdly open.

Hah! I remember you saying you absolutely hated the new Berserk movies. I would give them a shot but they just tell what the anime told. I don't know why studios feel the need to animate that one arc. But the biggest news I have this time. I finally caught up to Berserk. . . fuck. I loved it before, but now. Kentaro is a genius when it comes to writing. I literally haven't seen a long ongoing series have almost no flaws. Everything, fucking amazing. Can not wait to start buying the volumes and start the re read. And I though that once I caught up it would feel like the series was coming to a close. But hell no, if anything it feels like I barely even started it even though I caught up. There is only one complaint I have. And it's that the chapters start becoming so damn short. Which is even inderstandable considering all of teh detail in the artwork. But still, fuck. And the last chapter doesn't say when the next one is going to be released. Fuck. I'm glad I caught up before we got too far into the second part of the fantasia arc though. So amazing, love all of the characters and I love Isma the new addition. Her banter with Isidoro is fucking hilarious. And I still don't trust Magnifoco or Roderick. I just feel like they're going to fuck everyone over somehow. And about the past two most recent chapters. What in the hell is that kid? I had to re read the pages with the branches on the moon multiple times. Fuck, I want the next chapter to come out already. Oh and Rickert is gonna meet up with Griffith again now. Shit.

OP, fucking fuck. Law, his fan base is going through the fucking roof is ridiculous. Then again, what do you expect when a character cuts multiple moutain tops in half. Plus the lab. Hah, and I guess we finally found out was Law wanted to do, here we thought it was some complicated shit he wanted to unleash. When really, he just wanted to destroy the fucking lab. And we also know now that Law knows about the supernova's teaming up, fuck can't wait till Wednesday. Hah, and CC's face is fucking deformed now. I love the way Oda draws him.

Bleach, hajajaja. Just when people thought we got rid of those fucking Fullbringers. I wonder what Kubo is going to do with them? I loved how Kukaku was like she just found the wondering around. Fuck, they're still lame. That's what they were doing after they died, wondering around. How did they even get into the SS, most of them were pretty fucked up. But at least we know who the mystery swordsman is. Mother fucking Grimmjow, that should be an epic return. Funny how Kubo teased us with that shit. And the soul king's palace, typical Bleach design. White stone pillars, all bleached out, meh.

Naruto, okay. Now that the gangs all there. Fucking kill them! Seriously, this whole friendship shit better fail in the presence of Madara and the ten tails, and we better see some god damn death. I really, really, really just want Madara to start fucking shit up with the ten tails.

Hah, don't know if you read Toriko, but it was enjoyable this week. I'm actually looking forward to the first part of the fest which is surprising. I usually don't like sporting events in manga. All I could think through this chapter though is, damn Komatsu should have saved the meteor garlic for this. Still one of the funniest moments in the history of manga ever for me. Just fucking seeing Komatsu all buff and shit.

Dec 3, 2012
dBo0ii says...

Haha I actually get that alot, to be honest I haven't really read or watched One Piece, I will probably end up eventually but for now I seem to be focused on alot of romance anime/manga.

I don't see how anyone could dislike Air Gear I mean that story was amazing if the anime really had continued it would have been the best anime ever.

I also see that another manga/manhwa you like is Noblesse, that is a example of the perfect manga in my opinion. I like the main characters where the are really strong at the beginning and seem to overpower everyone, but they have some kind of problem using it. 

Nov 23, 2012