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about me

"Anime Beginnings"

The anime experience started when I had a younger mind.

Watching Toonami as I got home from school

I seem to have put that memory behind

As I develop into an otaku fool


Once an anime has been seen

The next days to come go super slow

Like a throne occupied by an evil queen

In a few days, I'll be over it though


Often I feel as if I've see it all

Once in awhile I'll be taken by surprise

I thought the anime world was kind of small

But it appears I have yet to adventure the entire size

"A Tale of Manga"

It started after a crazy tale

The pages went by like a giant sale

Going as fast as a dream that just ended

Everything in these chaps are simply splended


It's been a few years and I've read many

Find better ones like a shiny new penny

The manga world has much to give

I hope to read and don't outlive


A good action will keep me busy

Fights so big they will make you dizzy

That's not to say I don't like other types

Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, I have no gripes


To this very day I have read few that I hated

Most I thank for having been created

Never regret when they end

Onto the next one, friend

"In Anything Really"

I don't look for a meaning

To me, it's quite demeaing

Watch it for the fun story

And enjoy it in all it's glory

Manga-Updates Profile

----{As the Ratings Go}----

  • (1 star) 1-3 - Should not have been concieved
  • (2 star) 4-5 - Didn't kill me
  • (3 star) 6-7 - It was borderline great
  • (4 star) 8-9 - Quite enjoyable
  • (5 star)  10 - Simply Astounding

----{Main Manga Recs}----

Berserk                                                                        Air Gear (c)

One Piece                                                                            Gantz

Vinland Saga                                                                  Vagabond

Psyren (c)                                                               Homunculus (c)

Bakuman (c)                                                                  Gunnm (c)

Akumetsu (c)                                               Nausicaa and tVotW (c)

Ares (c)                                                                         Suzuka (c)

Kurohime (c)                                                   Shin Angyo Onishi (c)

20th Century Boys(c)                                                Change 123 (c)

The Breaker (c)                                                               Veritas (c)

Zetman                                                                             GTO (c)

Eden: It's an Endless World (c)                                             Historie

Dorohedoro                                                                  Mushishi (c)

Solanin (c)                                                           Shingeki No Kyojin

Parasyte (c)                                                                  Planetes (c)


Noblesse                                                        Annarasumanara (c)

Knight Run                                                 The God of High School

Magician                                                            Song of the Cloud

Tower of God                                                                   Trace (c)

Kiss Wood (c)                             A Fairy Tale for the Demon Lord (c)

----{Until I Change Them - Recs}----

Shuna no Tabi 

  • A colorful journey through a world of wonder.

Updated- Sept 14, 2012

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dBo0i avatar dBo0i


Dec 16, 2012

I just finished Re-reading Tower of God for the second time and I'll have to agree with you. There's not many manga's that could beat that. Absolutely Amazing haha, I think it might of just pushed Noblesse out of my top manga

skolnikc avatar skolnikc


Dec 14, 2012

Hajaja! Dude shit like that has happened to me before, I was once typing one of my long messages to you and firefox decided to shut down and update. I could do nothing but laugh. Also, took me a long ass time to reply again. But good news is that I'm finally done with finals! And now I'm on winter break! Five weeks of no homework. It's going to be amazing. I'll have time to do shit that I enjoy doing.

Great song choice! I loved Speed Grapher, it's been ages since I last watched it. It surely brings back many memories of my early anime days when I would spend hours hunting for interesting looking anime. The animation in it was very interesting as well. I also enjoy this trade of songs, and we should definitely keep it going. I have a darker sounding OST than the last one I sent, very short and it was actually the opening for it, I know for a fact you've heard it, but in my opinion it's still an amazing listen, and it can lead you to the other OST's from the series. They all actually go really well while reading Berserk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8Rhb-Ln01Q&list=PL3985442B84892C19&index=87

I've been hearing A LOT about Mnemosyne lately, hah so much so that I'm going to start watching it over this weekend. Especially since the OP anime is in filler now. Ugh, seriously, they added filler directly after the entrance to the new world. The sea wasn't even on fire, and it's all because of film Z. This is why I always chose manga over anime for long onging series. Hah, I also completely missed OP film 3 for some reason. I could have sworn I had it on my want to watch list. And I have to catch up on some Ghibli films as well. The last one I watched was Howl's Moving Castle. It was really good, but for some reason it feel short compared to the previous ones I've seen. I can't even quite put my finger on why it didn't impact me as much, I was expecting a lot from it. Another watch might make me think otherwise, but I'm going to catch up with the ones I haven't watched yet first. Another thing on my to do list over winter break. And as far as DBZ films, I'll definitely end up watching some of them one day, but to be honest. I am not the biggest DBZ fan, I know it's heresy, especially for how much DBZ inspired shonen and OP. But after the Cell saga (which was amazing by the way), I don't know. It just lost a lot of luster for me. I know for a fact Akira wanted to end DBZ far earlier than the Boo saga. I suppose the last arc of the series just detered me away from watching the rest of the movies. I recently watched The History of Trunks though. That was very interesting. I loved seeing the alternate timeline. Hah, such despair. It was definitely an interesting take on DBZ.

Definitely though. I couldn't give less of a fuck if something I enjoy is popular or no. Actually a lot of great things aren't popular, especially music. Apparently Japanese get OP though, it's fucking huge over there. It's weird though, I've only ever seen two pictures of Oda, ever.

Hah! Speaking of porn and Berserk, it's so obvious that the reason the golden age arc is so popular to animate is because of the rape scene. As if their aren't any other sexually fucked up scenes in Berserk. It still bothers me that they insist on spewing the same parts that have been animated before out over, and over again. It's just like how they keep releasing "new versions" of Death Note. And DBZ for that matter. Either let the series rest and stay glorious or animate parts that haven't been animated yet. As for the current location, hah I'll admit the tentacle monsters weren't my favorite out of the Berserk demons. I really liked the ending though, Guts going up against the sea god was fucking great. I'm ready to see Elfhelm too though, hah I don't think I'm as bothered with the wait just because I pretty much marathoned it up to the current point, but I sure as hell am excited for it. And these new elves that are being talked about, fuck. They sound fucking godly powerful. And I've actually always loved Casca's character, hah and I think I might be one of the few that doesn't get annoyed with her current state. Again, it might be because I marathoned it, but it still hits me pretty hard whenever the story reminds us of it. But Casca's old character was great in my opinion. She was such a moody cunt, hah I just don't like it when characters fall in love too easily, it's so cheesy. The way it happened with Guts and Casca was perfect. And Casca's current state, along with the crew keeps Guts in check I think, he has far too many suppressed sexual intentions to be traveling alone with a derp Casca. I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not but the one thing that surprised me about relations in the crew is the fact that Guts and Farnese have literally done nothing. I could have sworn at first that one of her roles was going to be fucking Guts. Seriously, she would be perfect for those fucked up desires. Then again, I suppose that would be "betraying" Casca in a way. Hah, yeah fuck waiting to read Berserk though. I couldn't even if I wanted to. I'd rather just wait for the chapters to come out. But yeah, things like that kid are when wiki's pretty much start theorizing shit, hah there are so many god damn things that we have such a small understanding about, seriously the story keeps more secrets than OP. I'm definitely worried for Rickert though, I honestly don't think he's going to be able to deter away from Grifith. He doesn't understand the full weight of what he did. And you know one of Griffith's powers is basically to power of charm. That angelic mother fucker. Greatly developed character by the way. And Guts, I have no idea. He gets closer and closer to death every single arc, and he has hardly an control over the armor. That shit takes him over with ease. I have a feeling he might be reduced to something close to the skull night by the time he reaches Griffith. Unless he gets some serious help. Because using Schierke just isn't working that well. Looks like these next few chapters are going to be Griffith ones though, which is really cool. We haven't seen that in a while.

OP, FINALLY! Baby 5 and Buffulo, hah and Franky! Being a fucking boss and not being affected by shino kuni. It's getting really good though, everyone is finally meeting up in one place and I can tell shit is about to blow up. I really wanna know what happened to Monet though, I know Oda didn't kill her off, there's no way. Same with Virgo. Really like Baby's and Buffalo's DF's though. Weapon weapon fruit, very bad ass. And spin spin fruit. . . hah it's OP. I was expecting some weird shit. Kinemon is a freaking dumb ass though! I love his character, but my god. I really hope Chopper doesn't save all of the fodder marines. Just save Kinemon, the fodder need to stay dead. And lastly, Baby 5's personality. That is honestly clever as all hell, I swear to god I know so many women with that kind of personality. The arc is definitely coming to a close. Which is cool, I really liked it but I'm surprised at how long it lasted. I expected it to be much shorter.

Bleach, hah the yakuza zero squad member is definitely my favorite so far. He's one of the few Bleach characters that really, really make me laugh. Renji popping up out of nowhere was kind of strange, but I'll take it. They're going to the next city so perhaps they're going to do something with their zanpakuto. And of course, the first Kenpachi. I really like that, I mean it was weird how Kubo literally had to throw Zaraki to the side for him to bring this revolation about, he honestly still should have went to the soul palace, but it's okay. This should be fucking epic, I want Zaraki to learn the name of his zanpakuto already.

Naruto, Surpise, surpise! I actually really enjoyed this chapter. The ten tails looks like a deformed retard with one arm, but it's powerful as hell. I kind of wish he would have aimed at the ninjas instead of random cities, but at least we saw some shit getting destroyed. Plus a character death!?!? Since how long in Naruto? Also, I have a feeling we're not done seeing the Juubi transforming yet. Nah, definitely not. It's going to look like a beast by the end of everything.

Fruba98 avatar Fruba98


Dec 8, 2012

Hey there stranger! Where have you been? Miss our small chats, and i have all these songs i need to show you!! It wont kill you to stop by the ol' chat & see frubith.



Teehee, Hope youre doing well! 

- Frusion <3

dBo0i avatar dBo0i


Dec 7, 2012

Yeah I know what you mean, after chatting with you about Tower of God and Magician, I powered through Tower of God in 1 night and it was amazing. I feel so crap now that I have caught up I wish there was more haha.

But yeah I am now reading Magician and will check out Trace after that. If you find anymore good web-comics please let me know =P

MFM avatar MFM

Great Recommendations!

Dec 6, 2012

Okay, I’ve just finished Steins;Gate.Truth be told, it wasn't my first attempt. When I first started watching anime in March, and after Death Note, I noticed this particular anime had very high rates on every website about anime so I gave it a go. Don't kill me (cause I almost want to kill myself for this) but I stopped it on the 8th episode. I felt it lacked action as everything was happening too slowly so I got bored and gave up on it. When you suggested it to me some time ago, my first thought was: "Steins;Gate again... Why does everyone love that anime?" but I put myself together and I gave it another try promising myself I'd watch all 24 episodes this time, even if I’d find myself hating it.Up until the 13th episode or so, there isn't that much action going on as they are trying to understand how it works, but after that everything just comes together and a masterpiece is born. It was amazing to say the least! I absolutely loved it and I'm not even a big fan of time traveling themes but good heavens, this anime is incredible. Thank you for involuntarily making me watch this. It would be a crime not to watch the whole thing. I'm just speechless. The suspense, the psychological stress, the drama even the romance is just... delicious!And just like that, it became one of my favorite anime. Now I get why everyone loves it. Who wouldn't? :) Hope you're doing well, I'll start Bokurano tomorrow.

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