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about me

"Anime Beginnings"

The anime experience started when I had a younger mind.

Watching Toonami as I got home from school

I seem to have put that memory behind

As I develop into an otaku fool


Once an anime has been seen

The next days to come go super slow

Like a throne occupied by an evil queen

In a few days, I'll be over it though


Often I feel as if I've see it all

Once in awhile I'll be taken by surprise

I thought the anime world was kind of small

But it appears I have yet to adventure the entire size

"A Tale of Manga"

It started after a crazy tale

The pages went by like a giant sale

Going as fast as a dream that just ended

Everything in these chaps are simply splended


It's been a few years and I've read many

Find better ones like a shiny new penny

The manga world has much to give

I hope to read and don't outlive


A good action will keep me busy

Fights so big they will make you dizzy

That's not to say I don't like other types

Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, I have no gripes


To this very day I have read few that I hated

Most I thank for having been created

Never regret when they end

Onto the next one, friend

"In Anything Really"

I don't look for a meaning

To me, it's quite demeaing

Watch it for the fun story

And enjoy it in all it's glory

Manga-Updates Profile

----{As the Ratings Go}----

  • (1 star) 1-3 - Should not have been concieved
  • (2 star) 4-5 - Didn't kill me
  • (3 star) 6-7 - It was borderline great
  • (4 star) 8-9 - Quite enjoyable
  • (5 star)  10 - Simply Astounding

----{Main Manga Recs}----

Berserk                                                                        Air Gear (c)

One Piece                                                                            Gantz

Vinland Saga                                                                  Vagabond

Psyren (c)                                                               Homunculus (c)

Bakuman (c)                                                                  Gunnm (c)

Akumetsu (c)                                               Nausicaa and tVotW (c)

Ares (c)                                                                         Suzuka (c)

Kurohime (c)                                                   Shin Angyo Onishi (c)

20th Century Boys(c)                                                Change 123 (c)

The Breaker (c)                                                               Veritas (c)

Zetman                                                                             GTO (c)

Eden: It's an Endless World (c)                                             Historie

Dorohedoro                                                                  Mushishi (c)

Solanin (c)                                                           Shingeki No Kyojin

Parasyte (c)                                                                  Planetes (c)


Noblesse                                                        Annarasumanara (c)

Knight Run                                                 The God of High School

Magician                                                            Song of the Cloud

Tower of God                                                                   Trace (c)

Kiss Wood (c)                             A Fairy Tale for the Demon Lord (c)

----{Until I Change Them - Recs}----

Shuna no Tabi 

  • A colorful journey through a world of wonder.

Updated- Sept 14, 2012

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skolnikc avatar skolnikc


Jan 24, 2013

Seriously, Bebop has to have some of the greatest music in all of anime history. I honestly can't quite think of a series that has as many consistantly good songs, of course there's other good ones, I just can't think of one that has as many. Hah, I actually feel like re watcing Bebop again now, I usually watch it really slowly at first and enjoy the episodic aspect, then the last few episodes are usually in a marathon. Just finished Hellsing Ultimate myself. . . meh, the plot seemed much thicker until the last episode, it kind of fell apart, oh well. But now, I have a song for you that will most likely bring up sad nostalgic emotions, I'm pretty damn sure you've seen the anime. Listened to this when the new chapter recently came out. Very eerie song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yle6VhFKkM0

OP, ahh yes, the traditional end-of-the-arc-party-feast. Hah, I love these chapters in OP, favorite one was in either Skypiea or Alabasta but besides the point. Definitely excited for things to come in OP, and now we know how much Luffy wants to take over. Great arc indeed, it had some rough patches. Still want to know who through the note to Chopper, and the fodder marine possibly being alive, oh well. Hah, oh Momonosuke's character design is fucking awesome.

Bleach, I really just want to know what was with the weird day dream Zaraki had, and Unohana is still being creepily epic. I'm pretty sure they're in the place where Aizen is being held though, interesting.

Naruto, I actually enjoyed this chapter, gotta love Rock Lee, can't think of mych to say though, Sasuke's party ended off exactly the same place as last chapter, just a few feet difference. Wanna find out what they're doing already. Sheesh.

Yeah dude, I can understand not wanting to read stuff if you're not into it at the moment. I never force myself to read anything, it takes the purpose out of it. I've actually been readong a shit ton of books lately, haven't done that in a while. Hah, I haven't played a video game in long as fuck, I remember the old days of day long online COD marathons with my friends, damn those were good times. Fucking school man.

skolnikc avatar skolnikc


Jan 19, 2013

Damn, took me long as fuck to reply, I've basically been living on my reading list though, just haven't had time to stay on here for too long, sucks. Anyways, that is DEFINITELY my favorite Naruto opening, hah I actually did watch the first arc of Shippuden a while back, but damn it's been so long since I've read the first half of Naruto, I was just never struck by it, I will say that I enjoyed the first half much moe than the later part of Shippuden. Hah, I have something I know you'll like this time. And I know for a fact that you've heard it. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MMdT35MaNEHah, I more so meant a lot of the recs on here. I come across a few good ones, but a lot of them are bleh, also this site seems to have a lot of downtime. Oh I read your Berserk review, very good I must say. I actually had no idea there was a legit list feature on here, I'm definitely going to look into that now though.

OP, Another mysterious guy!? At first I was like Mihawk!? But it couldn't be, that character gag isn't his at all, in fact it's closer to Aokiji's, but I don't know, Oda really knows how to work those fucking cliff hangers. Hah, also enjoyed Nami's and Usopp's shine time.

Naruto, Hah, there were a shit ton of speeches rushed in at the end there. I really, really, really, really just want Madara to do something, or for the Jubi to reach full strength. But Sasuke showing up! That is a great sign,  wonder what they're doing in Konoha, show us these damn fools that know everything.

Bleach, Unohana is a fucking rapist, she has to be, that face was fucking demonic. At this point I'd rather see Zaraki die than her. It's weird they're both Kenpachi now. I also wanna see Renji and Ichigo actually get into this training. Also, I doubt any cares, but what the hell is Rukia doing? Oh and Toriko. . . want to talk about it sooo badly!

And of course we got a fucking Berserk chapter! Dude . . . Falconia, fuck. Griffith is both literally and Metaphorically leaving his stamp on the land. The irony is so amazing. The only safe haven was created by the one that caused the entire mess in the first place. And the World Helix Tree, my god. That thing was pure fucking eveil and over powered at one point. That also kind of explained those branches that boy was on. Only thing though, the chapter was freaking 16 pages, Urgh. Now onto the wait for the next one.

MFM avatar MFM

You Rock!

Jan 8, 2013

Okay, just finished Bokurano. Amazing! Each character had an interesting and unique story and the political and scientific response to the battles, the robot and the children themselves was very well explored. The way they grew up and managed to die in good terms (mostly) with the life they had and the people left behind... That involved with the whole drama made this anime totally worth watching. I was only a little disappointed with the ending. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but after so much suspense and everything I was expecting something more... unpredictable, maybe. But on the other hand, somehow I feel like that was the only possible way to end it. Oh, and I would have loved if they had explored a little more the people who were behind this natural selection as they gave us just a small taste of it and nothing more. Anyway, overall, I loved this anime as it kept me hanging on to what was going to happen and sparked my interest with the stories of the characters. But I'm glad I've finished watching it. I have a lot of exams coming up and Bonkurano wouldn't let me study. I guess now I have to find another excuse, lol. Once again, thank you for your recommendations! I feel like I'd watch any anime you think is good even if it is rated as the worst ever, ahah. Oh, and btw, happy new year :).

DeDaan avatar DeDaan


Jan 1, 2013

Yhea you can say that, she is not into that (yet :P) So i have to become more picky about wich one's to watch. But its defently worth it !!

But i am doing gas measurents in a gas field near Houston for our new product. Nothing to special, but i dont mind !! Its a nice change for me to go to America, although there is almost nothing to do in Houston.... And i have to drive a hour to get there and i am making long days. Each time i am staying there for a week and only got the sunday off, so i cant do that much :s

But still, its nice to be in America !!

skolnikc avatar skolnikc


Dec 29, 2012

Hah, yeah dude these long messages definitely take a while to get to. I actually need time to type them out, it's like fuck. But anyways, picked a song that I don't usually listen to this time. I get sick of it about half way through, but I loved it for the opening of the show, and get very nostalgic from it. Literally finished the series within a day, way back when.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz_Vb3XYvgQ&list=PL3985442B84892C19&index=24

Hah, my profile was just too big with them, especially with the messages we send. I couldn't take it. Plus I wanted the money spending list, and I definietly couldn't have both. I'll be changing out the OP pictures every once in a while though, and might eventually do a favorite authors list. Hah, can't do one of actual manga or anime that I own, I only own two series of manga as of right now. Definitely changing next year though. Thanks a lot though bro, I was actually wanting to make on of those soon. Can't always trust this site.

Seriously, I really just want the punk hazard arc to start in the anime already. But I'll get to all of that later. I really need to see Nauscia as well as Totoro. I just haven't had the time between everything else. Hell I still have almost a month of winter break left, I still have time! And as far as DBZ I'll probably watch the new movie, not sure if I'll like it, but I'll watch it. On a side not, it's very strange in the OP anime. There are points throughout fishman island that remind me A LOT of DBZ anime. I have no idea why, but it's mostly when you see an enemy showing of powers. They really drag it out as they would in DBZ anime.

Hajaja, I can actually understand the sea god arc being slow if you had to wait for chapters, it was a long arc to begin with and most of it was fighting those tentacle monsters. I'm thankful I finished it fairly quickly, just had to catch up at that point. And as much as I want to see it, not too sure if they're going to Elfhelm yet. I can't think of where else they would go. But I could definitely see some distraction getting in their way. Either way it'll be awesome I'm sure. I'm really curious what's going to happen in Elfhelm. Where is there adventure going after that. So close! I can't fucking wait for the new chapter. It'll probably be a Griffith chapter, most likely. I really just want it to cover important shit that's been happening. As you said, we don't exactly know what Griffith has been doing. Then again, it's always like that I suppose. And I'm thinking about it a little more now. . . errr Rickert is probably fucked. I really don't think he can turn away from Griffith, but we'll see whhat happens.

OP, holy fucking shit balls! This almost reminds me of Kuma coming in at the end of thriller bark! Definitely am amazing chapter, I heard someone say it was simple, I'm thinking, what the fuck!? Law just keeps getting smarter, he literally had everything planned out to an extent. I really wonder if Monet and Vergo are dead though? I just don't know with OP. Vergo did smile though. Anyways, apparently we don't get chapters fpr 2-3 weeks. God dammit, I hope that's not true. I really want to see Dof go fuck shit up while I'm still on winter break. Hah also, Baby'a cig stays in her mouth after she transforms into a gun?

Bleach, Errrr, I honestly liked the comedy in the previous palace before. I can't really think of anything that happened, besides the girls being zanpakuto and the ending. Next chapter should definitely be interesting though. Ichigo and Renji are gonna get the mensturating girlfriend treatment, for not loving enough.

Naruto, Hah! Hinata really wants Naruto's dick. "His hand is so big and manly." Uhm, no? I'm sorry, but big and manly isn't what comes to my mind when I think of Naruto. Don't really know why he was so distracted in the first place, but maybe now he'll start doing shit. While holding Hinata's hand? Hah, also Narusaku fans everywhere are crying.

Dude, shit is getting really good in Toriko, so I'd tell you to start in it again. But it might be on break, so definitely start next chapter release. Shit is going so fast.

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