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"Anime Beginnings"

The anime experience started when I had a younger mind.

Watching Toonami as I got home from school

I seem to have put that memory behind

As I develop into an otaku fool


Once an anime has been seen

The next days to come go super slow

Like a throne occupied by an evil queen

In a few days, I'll be over it though


Often I feel as if I've see it all

Once in awhile I'll be taken by surprise

I thought the anime world was kind of small

But it appears I have yet to adventure the entire size

"A Tale of Manga"

It started after a crazy tale

The pages went by like a giant sale

Going as fast as a dream that just ended

Everything in these chaps are simply splended


It's been a few years and I've read many

Find better ones like a shiny new penny

The manga world has much to give

I hope to read and don't outlive


A good action will keep me busy

Fights so big they will make you dizzy

That's not to say I don't like other types

Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, I have no gripes


To this very day I have read few that I hated

Most I thank for having been created

Never regret when they end

Onto the next one, friend

"In Anything Really"

I don't look for a meaning

To me, it's quite demeaing

Watch it for the fun story

And enjoy it in all it's glory

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----{Main Manga Recs}----

Berserk                                                                        Air Gear (c)

One Piece                                                                            Gantz

Vinland Saga                                                                  Vagabond

Psyren (c)                                                               Homunculus (c)

Bakuman (c)                                                                  Gunnm (c)

Akumetsu (c)                                               Nausicaa and tVotW (c)

Ares (c)                                                                         Suzuka (c)

Kurohime (c)                                                   Shin Angyo Onishi (c)

20th Century Boys(c)                                                Change 123 (c)

The Breaker (c)                                                               Veritas (c)

Zetman                                                                             GTO (c)

Eden: It's an Endless World (c)                                             Historie

Dorohedoro                                                                  Mushishi (c)

Solanin (c)                                                           Shingeki No Kyojin

Parasyte (c)                                                                  Planetes (c)


Noblesse                                                        Annarasumanara (c)

Knight Run                                                 The God of High School

Magician                                                            Song of the Cloud

Tower of God                                                                   Trace (c)

Kiss Wood (c)                             A Fairy Tale for the Demon Lord (c)

----{Until I Change Them - Recs}----

Shuna no Tabi 

Updated- Sept 14, 2012

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skolnikc Apr 18, 2013

Hah, I know what you mean. I do so much for school, I often forget to even update my manga on here. Glad to hear you're getting some physical copies though! There's nothing like actually holding a manga volume in your hands. I took a break from buying One Piece and HXH to get Berserk. Re-reading the stroy in the actual volumes, my fucking god. Even most of the early art is amazing. Some of the out of print volumes are so damn expesnive though. Actually been buying a lot of books too. I think I've been reading more books than manga recently. Having fun with those 1 cent deals on Amazon.

Okay, okay. Naruto and Bleach right now, I don't know. I feel as though talking about them would get redundant, so I'll just say this, Sasuke is a bitch.

But OP on the other hand. . . ! This arc caught me by surprise. Oda doing a tournament arc. I thought it would always be in Elbaf. There's just so much that's going on. I mean, all of these random character appearances, the mystery of the island in itself, we still haven't even made it to Green Bit. Honestly, this arc was amazing from the first chapter. Oh, and of course, Fuji-fucking-tora. I'm just damn ready to see the tournmanent at this point. Though, I don't think it will last the entire arc, I don't know. I feel as if Oda might put some weird twist in, I don't know, all I can say, I don't know. Calling it right now though, Kyros is that one legged toy soldier!

MFM Apr 14, 2013

God, my reply is 2 months late... I completely forgot about this.

About the movie theater, yes, totally true. There are some movies which are definitely worth watching in the cinema and Dark knight and Hobbit are on that list for sure. Haven’t seen Django yet, but people tell me it’s not as bloody as you’d expect from Tarantino. Have to see it, even though I doubt it can beat Inglorious Bastards (simply loved it). Also, I believe movies with a lot of special effects have to be watched in the cinema to be fully enjoyed. I haven’t seen Avatar as the only reason I’d like to watch is because of the 3D visual effects and back then I didn’t have time to go to the cinema. Even though I’m not the greatest fan of 3D that movie was designed especially for that so...

Medicine is as demanding as it is amazing, I’d say… I’m not one of those people who couldn’t imagine themselves doing anything besides medicine. I would be happy as a writer, maths teacher, biologist, management/business/economy, psychologist, journalist… I must be masochist ‘cause I’d love to study all of those. So there are times when I just feel like sending this whole faculty to hell and do something else but besides hating to give up on stuff I think I like this more than I realize. Oh, dont say that, its pretty amazing that you've tried so many jobs. By the end of my studies I’d only be able to do one thing but you’ve tried tons of different stuff.

Hum, at first I was a bit worried coz I had a depression a year before coming here and I was afraid I’d have a relapse but everyone here was so nice that I felt welcomed almost right away. There’s a large community of foreign people studying here from a lot of different countries (Greece, Germany, Norway, Canada, England, France…) and about 100 portuguese so I got used to living here quicker than I thought I would. Plus, even though it’s med school, there’re parties all the time so I end up going out quite often. That is, when I’m not studying... which plays the biggest role on my "college experience".

True, I’m ridiculously close to almost any country in Europe. Just for you to have an idea: in March I did a road trip we went to 8 countries in 9 days. Obviously, it was amazing. But you cannot imagine how difficult it can be to talk with some people. I remember being in a restaurant in Slovakia where they didn’t have an English menu and the waitress didn’t speak English. For once, I was glad I could understand a bit of Czech (the languages are quite similar) otherwise I could’ve been ordering a desert instead of a main dish without knowing, lol. You, on the other hand, can travel around the US and visit a lot of different places without having to know any language besides your own. Even though it’s just one country, it’s almost as big as Europe itself.

Well, the 3rd season of Game of Thrones is already kicking ass! I spent 4 days re-watching the 2 seasons before the 1st episode came up. Wish I had the time to read all the books, I’m sure they’re amazing. Are there a lot of differences between the series and the book? Gotta start BB as I haven’t been into anime lately and I’m running out of series.

Fruba98 Mar 19, 2013

Hi majey ^__^ this song is whats up!! Ive been listening to it nonstop u know? You'll like it!

skolnikc Feb 27, 2013

OP, this fucking week! Oda, my god. I really wondered if he sleeps at all, so fucking much information, so much. It was amazing. Mostly but exposition, and it was amazing. This proves that shonen manga does not need to have action in every chapter. The way Oda tied everything that has been introduced within the last 40 plus chapters together, with greatly executed character consistency, jesus. There's too much to go over in this chapter to mention it all, the message would be way too long. Point is, this chapter was nearly perfectly executed. What an amazing chapter for the big 700!

Naruto, okay. I actually enjoyed the chapter. I actually would have rather seen the main story line take place in this time line. Basically, I'd prefer Hashirama and Madara over Naruto and Sasuke. It was interesting though. But still. . . I'm glad I read this first, because if I would have read it after OP, I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much. Anyways, I am enjoying this flashback. It was basically showing what we've heard about the shinobi for, well, since the beginning of the story.

And Bleach! Hah, meh. I really, really, really, don't like depressed Ichigo. It makes no sense. At all. He gets depressed when he has no reason for it, the same shit he's been doing since his trouble with his inner-hollow. Basically, he bitched about having too much power, and now he's bitching about not having enough. Beside the point. Finnaly! A confirmation on Ichigo's parents. Let's get this flashback over with. Damn though, that OP chapter.

MFM Feb 21, 2013

Well, that's true. Most tv is bullshit nowadays. That's another reason why I don't miss it. And the computer allows me to select what's worth watching from what's not. The projector is actually from one of my flatmates but he's kind enough to share it with us from time to time. It's awesome, I almost don't go to the cinema anymore now.

I'm Portuguese but I'm studying in Czech Republic. It's ridiculously hard to enroll in Med school in Portugal and as I had some unfortunate events in my life I didn't manage to have grades high enough to get in. So I came here but I'm still on my third year so I'm staying here for a few more years. I've been to different countries close to Czech Republic but as I don't have a lot of time nor money I don't do it as often as I'd like to. Whenever I have vacations I usually go to my home country. It's amazing that you're 21 and already working. What kind of job is it? I'll only have my first job in probably 3 years' time...

Love South Park and Game of Thrones. Breaking Bad... Oh god, I've never seen it but I've got this friend who won't stop telling me to watch it. Big Bang Theory I tried the first episode but I thought it was overrated... But then again, I only watched one. Dexter is awesome. I used to watch a lot of series but I haven't been following many recently.