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Mirai Nikki TV

Oct 26, 2012

Warning:  I said shit down there somewhere and I guess I said it here to. This warning was just to get you prepared.  Oh, I also said ass.

Mirai Nikki has a great survival game premise.  The main characters try to kill the other players or avoid being killed by using their diaries to see into the future.  Fortunately this idea never strays off course and we are left with a fun beginning to end watch.  As the game nears the end, we bite into a few treats that were only hinted at before.  The bloody road along with the sometimes irritating romance, concluded with a most satisfactory ending that made the journey all worth it.  From my understanding, the anime followed the manga pretty well, but in the end, they left out a few pages that would of been nice to see.  Maybe these few pages would of been confusing but once read, they really make the ending that much sweeter.

Great animation.  The characters and everything in the Nikki world were detailed and brought to life.  The fights were slick and easy to follow.  Nothing looked half-assed.  The fights were bloody and boy was there blood.  The one thing that bothered me about the fights though was when someone got seriously injured and blood was pouring out of the wound, the wound itself was censored.  So, in some cases during this R rated anime, censorship was used.  In reality, I can certainly see why censorship was used, being a shounen and all, but it's one of those points I have to include.  With all the blood and killing shown, censoring something like a knife in the gut seems preposterous.  It was not always, just a few times throughout.

I'll let the opening and endings alone.  They fit the bill but not everyone liked the heaviness of them.  As for the music in between, not much can be said other than it also fit the moments.  When love was in the air, you better believe love music was in the air.  A serious fight brought on serious fighting music.  In no way was the music lacking.

Ah yes, the characters.  Much can be said about the characters.  I'll start by saying Yukki made the beginning of the anime hell.  The angst was almost unbearable.  For like 17 episodes, he refused to grow a pair. Yuno on the other hand, made the beginning worthwhile with her obsessive psychotic love for Yuki.  Nothing can stop her from protecting Yukki.  All the while nothing can stop Yukki from crying as Yuno fights for him.  Alas, don't be put off, the ending is well worth it.  Watching Yukki develop may be a hair pulling experience, but he matures into the guy we wished for in episode one.  Being a survival game, we not only have our main guys, but the anime takes a step back sometimes to explore the other players realities.  This step is a breathe of fresh air from the angst and love that dwells in each episode. 

Overall I can't stress enough that this anime should be given a chance. At least till like episode 17.  Even before that though it's a great watch.  The premise alone makes the wait for developments interesting.  The fighting and epic background music both succeed in setting the right mood and right pace.  The gore adds to that but usually when there's gore, there's Yukki crying somewhere; where there's Yukki, there's Yuno.  Like I said, persevere, it's character development.  The other players are all pretty great characters and though Yukki and Yuno can be hard to watch sometimes, when the plots a movin', everything becomes exciting.  So give it a chance, maybe you'll see that it was actually a pretty great anime.

Overall Enjoyment Factor: 8

Too lazy to edit this, but for those who feel my review sucks, I was convinced to add this into my review:

"What's wrong with a show that doesn't take much brain power to understand?  Who cares if the show has faults.  Anime is entertainment.  It's meant to be easy to understand.  Shounen is made for boys.  Mirai Nikki is a shounen, thus it's not meant to be overly complex.  For a Shounen, Mirai Nikki did pretty well. Now I realize mistakes can be made, but there isn't a series out there that is perfect.  I just feel that this anime did pretty well compared to a mindless harem or an anime that didn't even follow it's manga counterpart.  But i get how MN can be terrible.  The inconsistencies were there, but again, it held my attention.  What more could you ask for in a survival game?  Again, i get your AniDB review, I just don't look at it that way.  If i want a plot without inconsistencies and a need to think, I'll read Game of Thrones or Berserk, something on that level. Nothing does it better than the source material."

8.5/10 story
9.5/10 animation
10/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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MFM Nov 15, 2012

Well, I agree with most of your review so far. I haven't finished watching the anime but both main characters piss me off like hell and it's the first time this has ever happened to me. Which is a shame as this amazing plot and the whole idea of this survival game and the way it is developing is quite well made and it's keeping me interested and excited! I understand how Yuno is a critical and very important character to the plot (at least so far) and even Yukki's weak personality is required for us to see a normal reaction of a 14-year-old child who has been submitted to all this caos and stress. I'm very curious about how this is gonna end so I guess I have endure these two irritating characters so I can enjoy this anime as much as possible! So far, I'd give it an 8 as well.Also, I totaly agree with you on the Animation and Music section. Nice Review (:

TheMajor5 Oct 27, 2012


Hey glad for your informative and quite persuasive comment on my Mirai Nikki review.  Always good to get at least one comment, and an intelligent opinionated one at that.  Terrible art?  Yeah i can see if you said that about a 1980's anime but Mirai Nikki hardly had bad animation.  In this day and age, it's hard to come by something with bad animation, except shitty 3D CGI like in the new Berserk films. To me, that is the epitome of shit, thus the reason Nikki got such a high animation ranking.

As for plot holes, can't say I critique an anime based on how miniscule a plot hole is.  If i notice it because it slaps me in the face, then yes, the story might be bad.  But dealing with the future and time leaping and the butterfly effect and all that shit, you're bound to have plot holes.  The premise was pretty shaking when it began, but i felt it held up well till the end. 

As for characters, Yuki was about the only one that was "stupid".  Not sure what you were expecting from this anime, but seeing the characters develop over time and die from either being outwitted or being retarded was pretty entertaining.  As the anime went on, the characters got more sophisticated with their diaries and they made the anime pretty awesome.  A few of the characters sucked but what can you do; can't please everyone.

After looking at your reviews I feel inclined to say this: I'm not a critic and I base my reviews solely on enjoyment.

roriconfan Oct 27, 2012

The animation was hardly good, the story had a hundred plot holes, the characters were all stupid