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Speed Grapher

Nov 27, 2009

Surprisingly I never would have thought they could pull off ANY anime with a photographer and camera as main character, but they did. Its a hell of a note to, action packed, mass ecchi, and a ridiculous yet compelling story of a retired war photographer who meets a young girl.  It all starts out when Saiga is assigned a mission to infiltrate an underground meeting of suspicious politicians to take some photos.  Lets just say he gets more than photos this time.  As he stumbles into the main attraction, a young woman floats down from the sky.  The young woman see this and kisses the man granting him super human camera eye powers.  One look through the camera, aim, take photo, and BOOOM! creates a serious destruction blast.  Well with realization that he has gained awesome powers, he decides he will help the woman get away from the vicious politicians and there inhumane sickness.  If you don't already know, the rest is about Saiga and the girl getting away from people who have gained other powers.  They need the girl, but Saiga sees her in a different future.

Like many 21st century animes, the quality is superb and has yet to show any says of faulty error.  Huge explosions go off every ep, fights with powers or hand in hand, its amazing to be able to actually see whats going on without having fuzz or crappy quality. 

Something to note is possibly how amazingly the intro and the plot connect.  The intro is about girls on film and the main character is a photographer, you don't see such a match to often.  Other than that, when an evil villain enters the stage, you better believe there is evil villain music.  most songs have the eerie sound of a organ or piano playing in and it just makes things seem all the more serious.  The music is great and helps this anime get a nice score.

A war photographer and a girl who is being used for her gift is pretty much all we know about there pasts.  Nothing to deep but i guess that wasn't necessary right?  Well there are other character villains who we get to see a glimpse on how they received their power. Character development is slight but it does show.  Near the end Saiga really starts to care for the girl and like wise for the girl.  The evil politicians are corrupt till the end of their life, but they all still make for a grate cast.

Overall the anime is something that took me awhile to get to, but when I finally did i had to tell the world about it.  Its very well written plot with plenty of non stop chase action, super powers, corrupt govt, and explicit content to keep any person amused for 24 eps.  With all that said and done, it's an anime for the brave, its an anime for those who can't get enough of that dark underground atmosphere that we call society.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall

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WhiteKnight Oct 6, 2011

It was slow, all the way through for me. I feel that even at only 24 episodes there was to little actually going on to warrant a full series. A good 12 to 13 episode half series would have been a much better fit for this anime. I liked the political bit, as well as the fact that is showcased the very wide gap between middle class and upper class that you don't often see in anime these days. Overall it was good but it doesn't make it anything more then a one time watch. To much human condition not enough characterization. I would have liked to see a little more about why the protagonist did what he did. Well that's enough from me.

Cauvin Sep 27, 2011

Great review! I had the same problem of not being able to into it, but it started picking up around the middle of the series. Unfortunatly I felt as though it started dropping off near the end and getting too political and started getting very drama oriented. It didn't seem very well paced, good intro, but seemed to force too much action all at once then dropped the pace of the show near the end.