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Blade of the Immortal

Nov 21, 2009

Story 2/10

You ever eye a piece of food that looks incredibly good, but after you taste it turns out horrible but you feel you have to finish it? This is what Blade of the Immortal is, a piece of bad food. Blade of the Immortal is about a man named Manji who has lived for quite some time purging evil people of their sin to achieve his goal. Manji was cursed somehow way back in the day and the only thing that can uplift the curse is to kill 1000 evil men. One day on his walk around the village he meets a little girl by the river.  The little girl known as Asano Rin seeks him out to help her get revenge for her parents’ death.  We all know how this is going to end, the guy will say yes in the end and help right?  Exactly, just like any other anime he decides to help this girl seek revenge.  Well if you’re looking for in-depth characterization and emotional impact in some way, this anime isnt for you.

To add a little development, Rin’s family died off because an organization who is lead by Anotsu Kagehisa, wants to rid every dojo’s existence so his dojo will be #1.  His dojo knows how to make a sure win no matter what.  His dojo will not lose to anyone, not even other dojos with ten members. This guy is a puss; he has gathered all the best martial artists for the sake of a lame, idiotic dream.

To add more icing to the cake, Manji is an immortal. There is no excitement as you wait to see a fight scene.  Manji can’t die ever and no matter how bad he is at fighting, eventually the other guy will give up and he will get stabbed.  It’s a very interesting (dull) plot and has no development at all.  When all said and done, the hero walks off in to the sunset to kill more people. It’s almost like the writer had one day to write the story and thought, “Immortal, dojo, young girl, AHA, an immortal helps girl revenge fallen dojo”.  It can also be taken as the developer decided to take the ideas no one else used and try to make it worth watching.  Cliché, boring, and most of all, if I can’t think of anything to say good after writing all these bad points, it has to be bad.

Animation 7/10

Animation was overall nothing to brag about.  In these 21st century times, I’d hope an anime has better quality than some incredibly bad quality Veoh video.  The cleaving of people in two is nice and the pools of blood have a nice moon reflect shine to them.  Details really show well, it’s almost as if you are watching the fight.  The contrast of the grey sky, no bright colors, and dark atmosphere really make a good impression for an anime such as this. They really do.  The animation is worthy of getting high marks because they really tried to make up for the bad story and everything else that gets low marks.

Sound 5/10   

The sound if I recall is decent.  When you don’t recall the sound it’s really not anything special.  There is no amazing OST in this series but the sound effects are good.  When being stabbed or frightened, the usual, “ugh” or “ahhh!” are heard and everything is in check.  Blood splattering and fight music go with what’s being done.  Nothing in this anime is really worthy of notice or extremely high marks.

Characters 2/10

The characters are what some call, overused or “haven’t I seen them before” also known as Déjà vu.  They help make this anime what it is.


To begin with Rin, one needs to know that she is like any other girl character who tries to become stronger.  I want to say in general she’s like Ino from Naruto, she’s weak and wants to become stronger, except Ino becomes strong and Rin does not.  Rin is a weak girl who has to seek a guy who can’t die, her opponents are so tough.  One good point is even when begging the man to teach and help her; she had a woman’s determination and strength.  She was willing to go the distance and get what she wants no matter how the man would suffer or not.  Though she trained for awhile and learned new moves, her new move left her more defenseless than if she would have never learned it.  She doesn’t know when to quit while ahead and instead is useless until the end.


Manji is one of those people that look like he is going to open a can of whoop-ass on everyone, but has a huge handicap and still struggles.  After his many years of immortality, one would think he would become the greatest martial artist and hardly break a sweat when fighting people right?  Wrong, Manji instead learned how to use 100 different weapons half-ass and instead of being top dog, he comes close to death every time.  He has a crappy fighting style, and when one sword can’t cut, well then he pulls out a different weapon that should be able to, but cant. Only when he tires his enemy out, can he pull off a victory.

Manji after living for so long it’s understandable how he feels.  He has given up and doesn’t care about anything in the world and shows no facial expressions either.  What a great choice for a main anime character right!  I mean, why in __’s name would you pick the most boring part of an Immortals life?  I’m sure they wrote this anime as a joke.  Why not pick the part when he became an immortal and showed emotion and owned everyone and just found out he couldn’t die.  Manji was just half-assed and not worthy of anyone to disagree with me.

A good note I will mention was his clothing.  He has a very nice taste in togas.  The black and white I thought was the best part and I seriously would take one if I found one.  Another good note was knowing that he could die, by poison, but no one chose to use it on him (irritated). All in all if I have more bad points about Manji, than he’s a horrible character.

Overall 3/10       

Overall the anime in my book was not even worth reading the manga, if it has different ending (will try it since i hear it is really good*).  It’s one of these, “I warned you not to watch it” animes.  The ending is rather cliché, you saw it a lot in Pokémon, you know, walking off nothing happens.  You may like it if you are really trying to watch every samurai anime, but don’t be deceived by the synopsis, it’s not as good as you may interpret it to be.  “When will the end be in sight?” is what I said on episode 3 after an hour of forcing myself to continue.  Seriously with average music, horrible characters, incredibly lame plot, and decent animation, this anime is probably not for anyone seeking in depth plot or loveable characters. Well I should be broader and say it’s not really for anybody.  

2/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Hachurui Aug 27, 2012

Just finished watching the 13 episode OAV. It wasn't nearly as awful as this reviewer states. In fact, I thought it was rather decent and actually want to read the manga now...

Also, I thought Manji's mediocre fighting skills was a refreshing change from the ultimate badass syndrome so many anime protaganists seem to be infected with.

LinkSword Sep 21, 2010

I'm with Zakiel. Compared to the manga, this was worth nothing.

I agree, though, with the reviewer with this part of the rant against Manji about him fighting crappily and coming close to death almost anytime. He usually wins just because he is immortal and that gives him a huge advantage in stamina, force of mind (he can go all out without worrying about anything else than the pain) and the surprise factor. That has always bugged me about him, both in the anime and the manga. Fortunately, he's a great character outside the fights (in the manga, he was really bad developed in the animated version), and there are so many other badass fighters to give you awesome battles... Most of them only appear briefly in the anime without showing their true strength, or even don't appear at all.

Zakiel Feb 12, 2010

This is one of the worst manga to anime adaptions I've ever seen, just so you know.

RiceBunneh Dec 27, 2009

Yeah, it did look like a good anime at first!!!

I was so upset to realize how bad the character development was after watching the first several episodes.  I know I should have finished this anime, but even after reading this review, i really can't continue. Ha xD

It's a shame how good the animation is, but the story is just....ughhhh.... What a waste :\