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Welcome mother f**kers!  Ahahhaah, lighten up, it was just a nice way to say hello.  I write this review upon reading another review and questioning the literacy and sanity of the author.  Plus, I simply loved this anime so why not spread the thrill of Code Geass.

The story is genuine, yet revolves around an idea born into this world long ago.  Create a peaceful future.  That, to put it simply, is what Code Geass is all about.  Only in R2 does one realize that Lelouch's true intent was a peaceful and democratic world.  You may be wondering, "get to the damn point already".  Well I will, so patience. As unoriginal as the plot sounds, the execution is where this anime differs from all the rest, besides the only other similar anime, D note.  The philosophy of Lelouch is to Creat a peaceful world by becoming evil and destroying it. Somewhere in the anime Lelouch says, "Destruction always comes before Creation".  Once again, the execution of said idea is flawless.  From the very beginning, the story draws us in like bees to a flower.  The pace is riveting.  At times, it's hard to believe what actually just happened, fast paced action, the plot moves ever so sporadically.  Things moves to fast at one point and the other, we are having a graduation chase in the school.  But nothing is for not.  Everything plays a vital role as the future is the goal.

Animation, well not much to be said hear since i don't think there is such a thing as 'bad animation.  Thought the art of the characters might throw you off at first, as it did me.  That is why i have just now watched this anime, since the art looked to shuojo to me.  Nonetheless, it was everything but that and the animation details were remarkable.

The sounds were pretty well placed throughout the anime.  The tone of confidence could be felt as Lelouch entered a battle or music would que during tense moments or just, i don't know, the music wasn't that important in this anime.  This was all about the characters and story.  Put it this way, the music set the right mood every time.

The characters were brilliant.  Lelouch was confident in his ideals and wits no matter the situation.  He played life like a game of chess and the future was the trophy.  He had every plan thought out 30 moves ahead.  Thus his ending was just as he planned.  Lelouch accomplished what he set out to do and glorified himself.  He died a hero to the viewers.  He died a hero to the people who truly knew him.  He became the necessary evil, shouldered the sin in order to create peace for everyone else.  The other characters played their roles well.  From Season 1 to R2, we really knew most of the characters well.    I won't go into details because I don't have much to say on the other characters because they didn't leave a lasting impression but they played their roles well.  Suzaku being the only person who could fulfill such a burden at the end as atonement.  A true friend.  C.C. giving him the powers and in the end, smiling.  Each character is dynamic and the antagonists make you yearn for their demise.  Strong personalities and strong impressions.  A wonderful cast.

Overall, enjoy the entertainment and don't look too deep into the plot.  Everything was flawless and the end could not have been better planned.  I felt speechless at what happened and what i witnessed.  A true hero indeed.  If you didn't like it, then i command you to look into this piece once more.  A brilliant strategic anime full of twists and heartfelt moments.   All the requirements for the perfect anime have been met, now watch enjoy the show.

10/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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MFM Nov 19, 2012

Has to be one of the best anime ever :D. I must've watched about 5 times the last episode and it kept me speechless each time. I liked the animation I just had to get used to the pointy chin and after that it was okay. I didn't watch it before because of the Mecha part but I'm glad I gave it a try otherwise I'd be losing an awesome anime. Once again, very nice review, keep it up! :)