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Like the other guy, this will be for all 6 movies all well.  Dear Reader, take this series like a cup of milkshakes.  There is no such thing until now.  Ha.  If you don't get it, get out of here.  You should be able to see what i did there.

The story is one to question until the movie keeps on rolling.  Will this be like some cliche other mecha anime i have seen before? No, it won't.  How do i know this?  Because I control this review so thus, I know.  A young lad is a loner in a world filled with magic, where everyone can control at least a tiny bit of magic.  Our main character can't control an speck of magic.  An outcast.  But with his uniqueness, we all know what's to come.  He has the ability to control what no other normal person does.   Thus our ever engaging story begins.  Though this is basically an anime with mecha, it doesn't feel like a mecha does.  I mean, i don't care for gundam but i enjoyed this.  Krishna is being besieged by Athens whom have an economic problem.  Their only option is to conquer Krishna in order to survive.  Thus the king of Krishna has requested our main characters help in order to stop Athens, or at least help the king decide what to do.  This anime has a subtle bit of romance and plenty of war tactics.  Guerrilla tactics and plain and simple suicide runs make this anime a impressive watch.  Watch as Krishna defends itself from an impending doom, all while our main character discovers his rare ability.

The animation is high standard.  I mean, for being so recent, it has that new look.  A clean feel.  Everything is so crisp and the mecha's look like they just got a wax or went through a mech-wash.

Damn, the sound was nothing special.  As i write this, i really can't remember any songs or anything remotely close to what is in this anime.  I imagine the opening was pretty good and I'm sure there was some battle themed music.

By the end of the 6th movie, the character was a bluty mess.  Britain speak.  There is great change and great realization.  I mean, the main is fighting in a war, war changes everyone.  Even the unchangeable.  He sees unspeakable acts of courage and undeniable acts of death all while trying his hardest to stay sane.  The main keeps his cool as he remembers the good times with his dear old friends.  The only good memories.

Overall these movies are pretty badass.  The best part about the anime though, is one can tell the difference between the enemies.  In the manga its extremely hard.  Plus, this anime goes right up to the latest chapter of the manga.  Can't beat that.  The story in genuine and the pace never breaks.  Watch these movies, you will be impressed.  I said so.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall

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