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Air Gear

Sep 27, 2011

It's a nice day to read, dear reader.  Read on as I lose my train of thought and repeat the same thing but in a different wording.  Ah, well, Air Gear is worth reviewing because half the other people don't know what they are talking about.

The story is definetly compelling.  It's all about ATs.  The world opens up once Ikki discovers he can fly when riding these bizarre much cooler forms of roller blades.  Once he has his first flight, the rest is history.  From then on, it's all about creating a team of riders to conquer the trophium tower and become the sky king.  Too much info for you?  Good, then watch the anime and don't worry about reading up on it first.  Ahem, continuing on.  The story gets more intersting when AT Road Kings are introduced and shit goes down.  I'm a power fanatic and i love when the main character gains power and beats more opponents and "levels" up.  The only injustice served with this dish was the sauce.  There was no continuation, there was no sauce added to the main dish.  I mean, why make this anime in the first place.  The anime should have had 2-3 more seasons.  The anime had charm.  Plenty of fun throughout and some boob humor or naked boobs thrown in.  Charm.  If only it did not leave off without answering a single question.  To find out more, one will have to read the manga, which is pretty awesome as well.

Animation is once again, i can't tell the difference from one anime to another. Pretty great i suppose.  Didn't not like the animation if that is what you want to hear.  Good fight scenes and plenty of sparks.

Sound was, to say the least, a perfect fit.  I always thought the AT's where so high tech, they needed something techy feel.  And so, my wish was granted.  There is  plenty of electronic songs introduced at each turning scene.  I mean, they really compliment the AT experience and half the time, you feel like your riding them as well.  Yes, when watching, you grow your own wings and fly with the characters.  Each character has his own badass theme song and the battle music is superb.  Like i said, a perfect fit.  The main theme is awesome and the ending theme, well i watched it everytime.  Like wise with the OP.  It's a high tech sport with high tech music.

The Characters are well developed.  Ikki finds ATs and then the show takes off.  He changes.  His dream of flying soars through the sky.  Nothing can keep Ikki caged up.  As we watch, we see Ikki get better and better, as well as his team.  With a little encouragement, and some ecchi, they manage to blow their enemy out of the sky.  Each character has his own road, so it's exciting to see how they pave their way. Only when the ending nears do you realize that the anime only covers a 10th of what is to come in the manga.

Overall, this anime has my full attention.  I mean, as every other fan will say, we can fly to the moon but we can't create ATs?  Preposterious.  I want to fly as well.  Full of comedy yet never dulled with an extemely faced paced sport, this anime, as short as it is, was a great watch.  The sounds, the characters, the ever moving plot, all synced together like a great mix tape.  Just beware, by the end, you will have to read the manga and you will definitely be wanting a pair of ATs.  I mean, we are all born with wings, society just keeps us caged. Ha.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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TheZippo Jan 15, 2012

i love the art and story but the personalities, Ikki in particular, appears to me as that of an anus. it completely ruined the story for me and I can't bring myself to continue watching/reading from where i left off - which is a shame really since i really enjoy the art

NastyStevie Sep 30, 2011

I love air gear :D